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Solidyne AudiMax 362HD

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Technical Specifications

Analog Input
XLR3 conector, level self-adjusted -6 dBu to + 15 dBu Z= 600 / 10 Kohms, balanced

Analog Output Balanced, + 4 dBu Z= 600 / 10 Kohms, with de-emphasis (flat response)

MPX Output
600/10 Kohms, factory set level to standard 4 Vpp Differential output, BNC connector, floating ground 50 ohms Allows 45 dB canceling buzz & noise due to ground loops

Frequency Response
20 – 16.000 Hz +/- 0, 5 dB measured below compression & limiter threshold

Harmonic Distortion
Below 0, 02 % @ 30-15.000Hz

Below – 90 dBA ref 100 % modulation

Stereo Separation
> 75 dBA

Subsonic Filter
Chebyshev 2nd order, 15 Hz

Cancelling 5 : 1 cancelling effect, using Khann-Bonello system

10:1 slope, 0, 1 msec attack time, 200
msec release

AGC (wideband)
VCA controlled, 30 dB range, 3 sec attack/release

Multiband Compressors
3 bands, 18 B/octave, Linear Phase crossover. Compressors: 30 dB range, 5:1 slope, VCA controlled Automatic attack time. Release time user controlled by 3 x ENERGY controls

IM Cancelled
Clipper IM clipper cancellation > 30 dB below 250 hz

Dynamic EQ
0 – 12 dB dynamic boost at Low, Mid and High Frecuency Front panel user controlled

7 stages of processing devices

115 V / 230 V (rear switch selected) 50/60 Hz, 20 W

19" rack mount. Module one (44, 4 mm).

Solidyne 542APC

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Technical Specifications

Analog Input
600/10 K balanced XLR 50 dB CM Rejection 20-15 Khz. Input level selected by software in 1 dB steps. Sigma-Delta converters 24 bits / 192 Khz

Digital Input
Optional AES-3 digital balanced input Z=110 ohms. Automatic selection of 32, 44, 1, 48, 96 & 192 Khz with sample rate converter (128 dB Dynamic Range, -117 dB THD) to avoid jitter

Analog Output
600 balanced XLR, output level +4 dBm Sigma-Delta converters 24 bits / 192 Khz

Digital Output
Optional AES-3 digital balanced output, Z=110 ohms FS=48 or 96 Khz, selected by software

MPX Output
From 2 Vpp to 5 Vpp in 0.2 steps

Processing Technology
DSP (Digital Signal Processing). Total CPU power 2.700 MIPS

MPX Post-Processing
SuperModulation exclusive Solidyne technology, at 608 Khz oversampling. Fast clipper DC-10 Mhz wideband channel to avoid audible artifacts

Frequency Response
20-15.000 Hz +/-0.25 dB. Flat mode XLR out or digital AES-3 Out. Output without pre-emphasis

Harmonic Distortion (THD)
THD below 0.008 % (30-15 Khz, Flat Mode)

Dynamic Range= 95 dBA

Stereo Separation
75 dBA @ 1 KHz: > 65 dBA @ 30-15.000 Hz

Subsonic Filter
Chebyshev FC=20 Hz 25 dB rejection at 10 Hz

Asymmetry Canceling
Phase processing technology with Kahn-Bonello algorithms. Cancelling Factor=8:1

Linear Expander
Range=20 dB Attack & Release time software controlled

Gated Wide-Band AGC
Range=30 dB. Attack / Release time & Threshold controlled from LCD screen

Multiband Compressors
DSP controlled. Five Bands, Crossover= 24dB/oct Max compression = 30dB. Slope = 10:1

Compressors Attack/Release Time
Attack and Release controlled separately

IM Canceled Clipper
IM canceling factor : greater than 30 dB below 250 Hz

Fast Clipper
Four channels, absolutely alias free using DC-10 Mhz bandwidth channel

Density Equalizer
Four bands density equalizer with 15 dB range at the output of multiband compressors

Low pass filter
15 Khz digital low pass FIR filter, 60 dB rejection at 19 Khz

Storage of Preset Settings
30 programs that can be changed on-air from PC computer using the 462dsp serial port

RS-232 PC control
RS232 serial port. It can be connected to USB bus with optional external adapter. Optional Ethernet bus connection

Super Modulation
MPX processing for stereo interleaving, allows for 130% L & R audio level at 100% modulation

RS-232 PC control
Yes. It includes free Windows 2000/XP software

AM FM compatible
The user can change the processor's AM/FM firmware chips. Only two socket mounted Flash EPROM IC's have to be replaced. Stereo coder is a separate module

Processing Bands and stages
Five processing bands / Nine processing stages

LCD Display
Blue color, LCD display with backlight. Graphic type Resolution 240 x 64

RDS Encoder
Optional built in RDS encoder

90/127V and 190/230V; 50/60 Hz, selectable from rear panel

483 mm Wide 240 mm Deep, 88 mm High

Omnia.11 FM

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Dimensions 51 × 48 × 18 cm


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Simultaneous separate processing cores for FM and (Optional) HD1, HD2 and HD3.
Each processing core is separately fully adjustable and has selectable 4, 5, 6 or 7 bands
Psychoacoustic Composite Embedder allows up to 140% audio peaks in stereo at 100% total modulation.
Contains exclusive “Undo” technology, a source declipping algorithm and program-adaptive multiband expander which removes distortion from source material. This corrects over-processed CDs, so common in today’s contemporary music.
Multiband downward expansion (source noise reduction)
3-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization
Program-dependent multiband compression
Multiband look-ahead limiting
Adjustable dynamic bass clipping (future feature)
Selectable phase linear high pass filter, 15, 30 or 45 Hz
(For Digital) Two-band final look-ahead limiting
Selectable phase linear (high latency) or low latency (talent air monitoring capable) modes
Fully automatic program-dependent declipper and multiband expander for damaged content such as loud CDs
Optional streaming encoding built in for Primary Digital (HD) and Secondary (HD2) and Tertiary (HD3). Supports encoding to MP3 (Mpeg-1 Layer 3), MP2 (Mpeg-1 Layer 2), AAC, HE-AAC (including RTSP/3G for streaming to mobile phones), Ogg Vorbis, WMA and WMA Pro.
7 inch front panel touch screen
Full remote control.
On-screen keyboard with several layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak and ABC sequential) for easy setup and preset name typing
Optional RDS encoder, dynamically updateable
Selectable SSB (Single Sideband) stereo encoder
HTTP push support for automation, such as dynamic RDS and streaming song titles, preset recall
Dayparting (scheduled preset selection) (future feature)
Studio Output with very low latency for talent monitoring
Dual independent power supplies
Composite pass-through (relay bypass) for your backup processor

Inovonics INOmini 223

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Weight 1.42 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 6 cm

Biquad APG-02

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Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 21 × 49 × 5 cm

Audessence ALPS-1

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Orban OPTIMOD-5700i

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Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 59 × 59 × 15 cm

The signal flows through the 5700 through the following blocks:

Input Conditioning, including sample rate conversion, defeatable 30 Hz highpass filtering, and defeatable phase rotation
Stereo Enhancement
Two-Band Gated AGC, with target-zone window gating and silence gating
Equalization, including high-frequency enhancement
Multiband Compression with embedded HF clipping and additional HF limiter 
Intelligent” Clipping with distortion control, distortion cancellation, and anti-aliasing
Overshoot Compensation 
DSP-derived Stereo Encoder (generator)
Composite Level Control Processor

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Product can be split into multiple boxes


Inovonics NOVIA 262

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Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 36 × 23 × 6 cm

DEVA Broadcast DB64-FM

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 54 × 12 cm


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