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  • telos hx1

    Digital Hybrid

    Inside the Telos Hx1 you’ll find Telos processing technologies that take the POTS hybrid to a new level of consistently performance.

  • Encoding & Processing Software

    The Omnia Z/IPStream X/2  is designed to process audio files for podcasting, Internet streaming, and other applications.

  • Audio Processing Software – Telos Alliance

    OmniaSST audio processing software is the only processor with the 3 Ds for your audio needs: Declipper, Delossifer, and Dehummer. With Declipper, OmniaSST.

  • telos Z IP ONE 1

    Streaming Audio Encoder

    The Telos Z/IPStream® R/1 combines audio processing with MP3 and AAC encoding in one convenient, single-rack unit.

  • telos hx2

    Two-line POTS Telephone Hybrid

    Telos® Hx2 two-line POTS telephone hybrid is the most advanced hybrid ever developed for use with analog phone lines.

  • Broadcast IP Codec

    The Telos Z/IP ONE 1RU rackmount codec offers the capability to use public IP networks and mobile phone data services for high quality, trouble free audio transmission.

  • Telos iq6

    Six-Line Telco Gateway

    The Telos iQ6 plugs right into Livewire AoIP network networks, saving money and time by eliminating the cost and labor of old-fashioned discrete I/O.

  • Broadcast Stereo Generator

    The Omnia.9sg was always more than just a stereo generator!

  • Broadcast Audio Processor

    With the Omnia VOLT FM, we have rewritten the rules for broadcast DSP, fine-tuning our algorithms and creating the world’s best-sounding, most powerful and versatile 1RU audio processor.

  • AM Audio Processor

    The Omnia VOLT AM  with versatile pre- and post-limiting equalization plus superior narrow and wide-band presets created for today’s AM stations give you the cleanest and most powerful signal on the band

  • HD Radio, DRM, DAB, web processor

    The Omnia VOLT HD PRO is purpose built for HD Radio, DRM, DAB, web streams and other compressed media, as well as syndicated program and studio productions.

  • telos vx voip radio

    Voice over IP Talkshow System

    The Telos VX Broadcast VoIP weds modern networking to the remarkable power of digital signal processing.

  • Multiband FM/AM Audio Processor

    Omnia.9 is based on a completely new platform which is unlike anything ever offered within the Omnia family.

  • Broadcast Audio Processor

    Omnia.11 is available in FM+HD with separate processing paths for FM or HD/DRM and FM without HD/DRM.

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