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  • Broadcasters Warehouse - 2WCOM OCTO-IP 2

    RDS data multiplexer for RDS networks

    The 2WCOM OCTO-IP RDS Routing Server is a versatile router allowing multiple, different kinds of inputs to be routed to your network of RDS encoders using TCP/IP.

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  • Broadcasters Warehouse - 2WCOM MPX-1g 4

    Professional all-in-one MPX generator/manipulator

    The 2WCOM MPX-1g 4audio is an all-in-one RDS-encoder, stereo generator, AoIP / MPXoIP codec and FM / DAB rebroadcast receiver.



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  • FM Audio Processor

    Top-of-the range Audessence ProCoder-3 with integral fully-featured RDS encoder now makes building a high quality, reliable FM system more cost-effective than ever before.

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - Biquad Acadia NANO D 8

    RDS Encoder – Mini Version

    Biquad Acadia NANO D Encoder RDS/RBDS, TCP/IP, OLED, mini version.

  • RDS / RBDS Encoder

    The DEVA Broadcast SmartGen Micro can transmit all the basic RDS plus decoder information and music/speech flags. This unit will also guarantee you PS and radio text scrolling options.

  • RDS / RBDS Encoder

    The DEVA BoadcastSmartGen Mini has all the RDS features that you could possibly need and that at an incredible price.

  • RDS Encoder

    The Inovonics 703 is the quick and inexpensive way to an RDS/RBDS presence, with easy USB programming using the supplied Windows© software.

  • RDS / RBDS Encoder

    The DEVA Broadcast SmartGen 3.1 can transmit all the basic RDS information plus, at your option: decoder information, music/speech flags, PS and radio text scrolling options, a fully digital synthesis of the RDS signal.

  • INOmini RDS Sign Driver/Receiver

    The Inovonics 402, a small form factor RDS Message sign driver and receiver.

  • RDS Encoder

    The Solidyne RDS-100 includes text messages for listener services and announcements from your radio.

  • FM/RDS Monitor Receiver

    The Inovonics 673 is Inovonics’ second-generation, small form-factor FM broadcast monitor for professional applications.

  • RDS / RBDS Encoder

    The DEVA Broadcast SmartGen 4.1 gives dynamic, on-the-fly programming access with its built-in USB, TCP/IP, UDP/IP interfaces.

  • RDS / RBDS Encoder

    The DEVA Broadcast SmartGen 5.0 encoder has all the features you would ever need from an RDS encoder and it comes at a fantastic price.

  • Stereo Generator & RDS Encoder

    The DEVA Broadcast DB9000-STC is a high-performance, 32bits DSP based Stereo Generator with a built-in RDS/RBDS encoder.

  • Stereo and RDS Encoder

    The DB6000-STC is the groundbreaking new broadcasting tool by DEVA. Fully BS412-compliant, it offers clear sound and ensures a constant audio feed.

  • RDS / RBDS Encoder

    The DEVA Broadcast SmartGen 6.0 is supplied with two separate outputs – one for RDS+MPX and one for RDS only.

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - Biquad ACADIA 34

    RDS Encoder

    The Biquad ACADIA is an RDS Encoder for text messages transmissions through the conventional FM analog system station.

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - 2WCOM C04 36

    RDS Encoder

    The 2WCOM C04 RDS encoder is comparable to the C02. The operation however is done via the software instead of manually.

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - 2WCOM C02 38

    RDS Encoder

    The 2WCOM C02 RDS Encoder matches up with almost any transmitter system.

  • Advanced Dynamic RDS Encoder

    The Inovonics 732 takes RDS to a new level with all the tools necessary to ensure an engaging and dynamic RDS presence.

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