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  • Broadcasters Warehouse - MagicSoft CG ver. 8.5 1

    Character Generator und Graphics

    MagicSoft CG ver. 8.5 is a broadcast application used to easily create, display and control a variety of different graphics projects including Lower-Thirds, Tickers, Logos, Crawls, Clock and Rolls – essentially every graphic needed for day to day operating a TV station.

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  • Broadcasters Warehouse - OtsAV TV Webcaster 1.94 3

    OtsAV TV Webcaster 1.94 is a quality professional-grade AV webcast solution with basic scheduling. Produces quality audio/video output to sound card/video card

  • MagicSoft Recorder

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 3.5 is an ingest application designed for the broadcast and post-production markets.

  • Desktop Video & Audio Preview of the Output

    MagicSoft Playout ver.7.8 is a solution built upon a client-server architecture that provides stability and usability advantages.

  • Graphic insertion using BlackMagic Decklink devices

    MagicSoft CG ver 7 has a GPU-based rendering engine that supports all SD and HD modes.

  • 64-bit Software Content Cleaner

    Magicsoft Cleaner is a complex tool for ensuring that the content and the technical characteristics of the video and audio signals are suitable for broadcasting.

  • Radio Broadcasting Software

    The Solidyne Audicom MultiCast is the only true automation program in the market – other programs are only for ‘Playout’ which is very different. They lack Artificial Intelligence Technology!

  • TV Broadcasting Software

    The OtsAV TV Broadcaster 1.94 is a high-Quality professional-grade AV broadcast software solution with advanced to-the-second daypart scheduling automation, MIDI hardware control and HD-720p.

SOFTWARE TV Automation