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  • Mic MatchAMP

    Our mic matchamp now comes with a wiring loom, multiway connector & potentiometer as part of the kit.

  • Line level audio driver/conditioner c/w rack mount kit

    The Alice LinePak is a dual balanced-input to balanced-output amplifier with variable gain via accessible multi-turn pre-sets on the front panel.

  • Stereo to dual output mono unit c/w rackmount kit

    The Alice MonoPAK produces a fully buffered balanced-line dual mono output from a balanced-line stereo input.

  • Balanced input to unbalanced output Converter

    The Alice MatchPak MKII is a bi-directional stereo unit for interfacing unbalanced semi-pro equipment to professional balanced line-levels.


  • Lunchbox Mic Pre with transformers

    The Alice 501T is a straight forward no-nonsense high-performance transformer balanced microphone preamplifier from our new 500 lunchbox range of products.

  • Lunchbox Mic Pre with limiter

    The Alice 503 microphone input uses unique circuitry designed to get full warmth from any professional microphone while at the same time having that ‘fairy dust sound’.

  • Baxandall stereo EQ

    The Alice 505 Baxandall stereo EQ original purpose is to sweeten the sound from different microphones.


  • Solo with TX & USB

    The Alice Mic Amp PAK is a single channel mic amp with an audio transformer input and a sophisticated discrete input stage, gain control and balanced output.

  • Microphone Input Extender

    The Alice Tieline MHB unit is a microphone input extender for the popular Tieline ViA audio codec.

  • 6-way stereo distribution amp

    The Alice DA6-2 MKII is a 19” rack-mounted high-performance, dual six output distribution amplifier designed to provide multiple audio feeds in stereo and dual-mono applications.

  • Lunchbox Mic Pre with limiter & transformers

    The Alice 504T microphone input uses unique circuitry, via a transformer, as is designed to get full warmth from any professional microphone while at the same time having that ‘fairy dust sound’.


  • Turntable Pre Amp

    The Alice Dual RiAA Phono PAK pre-amplifier has been redesigned for broadcast use with quality vinyl records.

  • Timecode Distribution Amplifier

    The Alice LTC Timecode DA 19” rack-mounted timecode distribution amplifier, comes with six Neutrik audio outputs and six BNC outputs for PSC cameras and field audio mixers.

  • Multiplex Distribution Amplifier

    The Alice MPX DA rack-mounted multiplex distribution amplifier is designed to provide multiple MPX feeds to main & standby transmission systems, automatic change-over units, silence detectors and remote monitoring facilities.

  • Compressor / Limiter

    The Alice 538 Lunchbox Stereo OPTO is designed for creative compression effects that are difficult to achieve with plug-ins.


  • Dual Twin PPM’s with Sifam 74A and 74B meters

    The Alice Dual PPM Box is used for live on-air monitoring and in post production facilities and are still available new from stock for monitoring left/right and sum/difference signals.

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