Sonifex RB-VHEMA8

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3G/HD/SD-SDI Embedder, 8 Channel Analogue Inputs

The Sonifex RB-VHEMA8 is an 8 channel analogue embedder contained in a single 19-inch rack unit

The Sonifex RB-VHEMA8 is an 8 channel analogue embedder contained in a single 19-inch rack unit. The unit can selectively embed up to 8 analogue channels onto either of the two output video paths which are sent to the re-clocked SDI outputs. It also has the capability to allow audio groups to be deleted or passed through on each of the two video paths prior to the embedding process.

The embedding channel routing is controlled via the front panel buttons and indicators.  There is also LED indication for SDI input status and audio group presence.

The unit can be remote controlled via Ethernet or serial port connections using the Sonifex SCi software.

It has a triple rate SDI receiver with automatic input rate detection and equalisation along with two re-clocked and individually buffered SDI outputs. It supports the full range of single link 3G, SD and HD standards from NTSC and PAL up to 1080p 60Hz.

There is independent level control for each analogue input channel, which can be adjusted from -24dB through to +24dB in 0.5dB steps. The analogue inputs have three full-scale gain settings which can be set via jumpers situated inside the unit. Allowable settings are +12dBu, +18dBu and +24dBu for FSD. The balanced and unbalanced input connections are paralleled, allowing one type to be used per input.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram For RB-VHEMA8.

This product has settings that can be adjusted using the Sonifex SCi (Serial Control Interface) software. To download a copy of the SCi software please contact us at;

Sci image - RB-VHEMA8 General System Screen

General System Screen.

Sci image - RB-VHEMA8 System Network Screen

System Network Screen.

Sci image - RB-VHEMA8 Delay Screen

Delay Screen.

Sci image - RB-VHEMA8 Embed SDI1 Screen

Embed SDI1 Screen.

Sci image - RB-VHEMA8 Embed SDI2 Screen

Embed SDI2 Screen.





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