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DIST 28 has two balanced inputs with XLR connectors on the back panel and two Thru outputs that can be used for many equipment without occupying one of the distribution outputs.

The audio levels can be controlled on the front panel and visualized through the digital VU.

There is a button that allows to work with stereo signals or mono signals. For the stereo format, there are 2 independent channels (L/R) on input for 4 stereo independent sets on output (L/R). For the mono format, the input channels (L/R) are added (L+R) and distributed on all 8 outputs. Each output has its own level control that can be performed on the front panel of the equipment.

All audio inputs and outputs connectors are high quality XLR and the inputs and outputs circuits are electronically balanced with professional high quality and very low noise (NE) 5532 operational amplifiers.

Each output can provide signals for minimum impedance to 600 Ohms with minimum distortion. The bandwidth of the equipment is extremely wide with minimal phase shift, harmonic and intermodulation distortion very low and a noise signal relation very high, characteristics that make the DIST 28 an equipment HI END with professional purposes to use in radio studios, television production, and professional sound reinforcement in general.

Extremely useful and versatile must be used to maintain the organization, control and quality in the audio signal distribution in professional installations.

Provided in rack standard with front panel in brushed stainless steel.

US (Harmonized Code): 8518.40.20.00 Dimentions (Rack standard – WxHxD): – 482,0 mm x 44,5 mm x 135 mm; – 19” x 1,75” x 5,32” pol.; Weight: – 1,80 Kg without package; – 2,50 Kg with package. Cubage: – 0,017577m³
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Biquad DIST-28


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