biquad acadia nano d

Biquad Acadia NANO D Encoder RDS/RBDS, TCP/IP, OLED, mini version.
A powerful tool that, as well as its complete ACADIA version, allows the broadcaster to send written messages through FM receivers. It has a dynamic webpage, with renowned resources by QUICK MESSAGE and SCHEDULER, which puts it in evidence before its competitors, which do not have these features. It has an Ethernet network interface for accessing and configuring the equipment and an OLED display on the front panel for reading information and equipment settings.

Its small size also allows rack installation through the adapters supplied with the product.
DIMENSIONS: RACK STANDARD (LXANP): (120mm x 43mm x 160mm)
WEIGHT: 0.56 Kg without packaging; 0.90 kg with packaging.
CUBAGE: 0.00287m

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Biquad Acadia NANO D


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