Sielco EXC 30GT

30W FM Transmitter


SKU: 103943



Sielco EXC 30GT

The EXC 30GT model is a 30W exciter from the innovative GT family, manufactured by Sielco.

It is highly regarded for its remarkable efficiency and versatility, attributable to three key factors: its lightweight construction, compact size, and low power consumption. Purchasing an EXC 30GT, like any other model in the GT line, represents a wise decision. It offers a range of significant advantages throughout the product’s lifespan and helps you save money through reduced transportation costs, minimal installation space requirements, and low energy consumption during operation.

Setting up the EXC 30GT is a straightforward process. It is exceptionally easy to configure, thanks to its intuitive human interface, which features an elegant LCD graphic display, a multi-function jog control, and just a few additional control buttons. Moreover, the exciter’s flexibility can be further enhanced by using various optional features. These include telemetry/remote control systems, Ethernet connectivity with SNMP protocol support, a high-quality stereo encoder, an audio digital board that complies with AES/EBU directives, and an RS232/485 serial port for seamless integration with other instruments.

The modern and appealing design of our GT transmitters reflects the cutting-edge technology of this dependable model, which requires minimal maintenance, ultimately saving you both time and money.