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RAmiaudio COMPACT3

Compact Broadcast console

The RAmiaudio COMPACT3 is a user-friendly console perfectly adapted to the field of radio broadcasting.

SKU: 102908


Broadcast console

The RAmiaudio COMPACT3 is a user-friendly console perfectly adapted to the field of radio broadcasting. Without taking up a great deal of space, the COMPACT has all the functions necessary to satisfy the most demanding of requirements whether it be in a studio, post-production or even on-air.

Input channels:

Two switchable inputs (from front panel) one input level, on pan, 1 AUX stereo output (before or after fader at user will), one CUE key, input/output for remote control allowing control of remote equipement or remote control of Compact II, one 100mm fader, and first of all, a VCA gain control preserves the maximum sound quality (the signal does nots pass through the fader).


  • One XLR stero balanced line level input plus one XLR balanced microphone input with phantom supply and insert connector (for external sound processor).
  • This input intended for microphone can connect an other equipment not often used, without using an other channel.


  • Two line level inputs one is XLR balanced, the other unbalanced on RCA.
  • This channel allows the maximum of external equipments in the minimum room. Furthermore the balanced/unbalanced inputs match various sources outputs.

Output channels:

  • Microphone order routing to EXT, HYBRYD, STUDIO and DJ .
  • Aux input Ext for monitoring.
  • DIM key fading MONITOR.
  • Telefone hybrid management for ANT or PGM2, and CUE.
  • TUNER input with R/L settings.
  • Stereo effet return.
  • PGM2 ouput (with gain control and cue).
  • STUDIO output (switched to ANT or PGM2 or TUNER bus).
  • MONITOR listen to ANTor PGM2 or TUNER or CUE)
  • 1 AUX output
  • Headphone output
  • 2 Red/green lamps switching (SUDIO and CONTROL ROOM)
  • SWITCH for an external source to antenna (satellite, computer….)


  • Channel opening and start of external equipment when opening the fader. Furthermore each channel can be remote controlled, for instance when putting on air a sound from a speaker cabinet.
  • The microphone channel allows two ON AIR (red/green) signalisation buses:

1. One to the speaker cabinet.

2. One to the control room.

  • Cue is remotely controlled : user can send an order to the control room using the speaker microphone.
  • COMPACT II features two stereo mixing buses. So it is possible to broadcast using ANT bus, and to record using PGM2 bus at the same time (for instance recording some programs for later use).
  • COMPACT II uses an external power supply to cancel any unwanted effects associated with mains.
  • COMPACT II is the true center of your installation, providing the maximum facilities in a minimun space.


COMPACT II is available in 2 versions:

  • COMPACT II-02 : Professional faders.
  • COMPACT II-03 : Plastic faders.