3kW FM Power Amplifier

The ITALAB ARCHIMEDE 3000 is ideal for extending the range of any FM radio station, based on the very latest ultra-rugged mosfet transistors.

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ITALAB ARCHIMEDE 3000W FM Power Amplifier.

The ITALAB ARCHIMEDE 3000 is a broadband amplifier operating from 87.5 to 108 MHz. The RF part consists of 3
amplifying units (AMP1000 – FM) that can deliver full power to 3750 watts in continuous service. However,
since the philosophy of Italab is to allow all components of a product “not to work in stressful
conditions ,” the full power of work has been limited to 3000 watts at full speed, this ensures a good
reliability without stress.
The Radio frequency part (including a pallet, a low-pass filter and the input / output directional coupler)is
inserted in a box and shielded from all other components that complement this Equipment.
The switching power supply, extremely compact and of excellent quality, is oversized for its final use.
The ARCHIMEDE 3000 is run entirely by a powerful microprocessor that in real time controls all the important
functions for an efficient work (ventilation, temperatures of the RF part, temperature of incoming and inner
air, output power and reflected power).