Elenos ETG5000

5kW Stereo FM Transmitter

The Elenos ETG5000 implements the most advanced technology regarding electrical efficiency, compact and lightweight design.


SKU: 103668


The Elenos ETG5000 is part of the Indium Series medium power transmitter line, offering models ranging from 3500W to 5000W. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  1. Amplifier and Integrated Modulator (Exciter): The ETG5000 comes with both the amplifier and integrated modulator in the same chassis (4U), or it can be configured with a separate low-power modulator (exciter) and amplifier, totaling 6U.
  2. Advanced Technology: These transmitters utilize cutting-edge technology for electrical efficiency, compactness, reduced weight, ease of use, and diagnostics.
  3. Access to Operating Data: Provides complete access to transmitter operating data, protection operation, and the ability to operate under severe environmental conditions while maintaining RF and audio specifications.
  4. Energy Saving Technology: Designed to lower operational costs through innovative techniques in RF design, intelligent power supplies, and powerful algorithms for optimal performance management.
  5. High Electrical Efficiency: Achieves unprecedented levels of overall electrical efficiency in the market today, even under extreme environmental conditions such as high external temperatures and poorly adjusted antennas.
  6. Reduced Operating Temperature, Weight, and Size: Efficient RF amplifiers, modulators, and power supplies contribute to lower operating temperatures, system weight, and size, resulting in easier installation, transportation, reduced rack space, and energy costs.
  7. Real-time Operating Data: Each transmitter provides accurate real-time operating data, allowing users to easily identify potential problems through a local user interface or remote devices.
  8. Communication Channels: Users can receive data and send instructions to the transmitter via multiple communication channels, including SMS, GPRS, TCP/IP, and SNMP.
  9. High Performance: Features fast boot-up time, high temperature resistance, and robust construction, ensuring quick on-air deployment and durability even in challenging conditions.

Overall, the Elenos ETG5000 combines advanced technology with energy-saving features and high performance, making it an ideal choice for medium-power broadcasting applications.