LBA Technology’s rapidly deployable TGR-65 AM antenna system provides the means of deploying temporary AM broadcast with exceptional signal performance, excellent compatibility with the output of all transmitters and compact size for efficient installation and operation.

The 65 foot antenna system, integral tuning unit and ground radials can be up and running in two hours or less with minimal labor. Take down and repacking can be accomplished in less than 1 hour for re-deployment.

The TGR-65 uses the proprietary LBA Tunipole folded unipole antenna design which has been successfully used by broadcasters around the world for many years. The TGR-65 is guyed and top-loaded. It exhibits remarkable bandwidth and signal stability for its compact design and is field tunable at the integrated tuning unit for optimal 50 ohm match to the existing transmitter facility output. It is rated for power up to 1,000 watts, 125% modulated. It is designed to cover the whole AM band and optimum efficiency of performance and full power rating is obtained for frequencies 1000 kHz and above.

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