DR Recording Light

D&R Recording Light


D&R Recording Light is the perfect high-intensity way, to make sure everybody is quiet.

DR Studio sign Recording Mono Face, A perfect matching Recording lamp for all our mixers. You can of course use the unit too for other brands.
We call DR Recording Light Recording Lamp, but actually, there is no lamp inside anymore, just everlasting high-intensity red LEDs.
The unit can be powered by any 9-12 volt DC 450 mA external power supply.

Width 260 mm, Height: 125 mm, Depth: 65 mm

Cable entry holes and key slot holes in the backside

EAN code: 7436917139190

PIN connection

Pin-1= + 12 volts DC 200mA) Pin-2= - 12 volt DC 200mA) Pin-3= Control Pin-4= Control

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D&R Recording Light


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2-Year Warranty


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