delta mecannica 1660 6 filter

Delta Meccanica 1660-6

The Delta Meccanica 1660-6 is a 250W DMB/DAB Filter with 6 Cavities and cross-coupling offering superior performance at an affordable price. Unlike an analogue radio signal, the digital DC DAB current can transmit an impressive amount of information. The two extra band-reject filters ensure enhanced isolation and an increased insertion loss due to the amount of dissipated energy because of the extra sections..

  • Power range from 250W up to 3KW
  • Temperature compensation (INVAR)
  • Extremely stable
  • Low insertion loss
  • Silver-plated components
  • Rugged finishing
  • Natural convection cooling
  • Custom-tailored mask available
Mechanical Characteristics
ConnectionsDIN 7/16
Overall dimensions [WxDxH] [mm.]217x295x610
Temperature range [C°]-10 ÷ 50
Weight [kg.]19
Electrical Characteristics
Frequency Range [MHz]170 ÷ 240
Bandwidth [MHz]1.54
Insertion Loss [dB] @ Fo< 1.3
Insertion Loss [dB] @ Fo ± 0.77 MHz< 2.9
Attenuation @ Fo ± 0.97 MHz [dB]> 15
Attenuation @ Fo ± 1.77 MHz [dB]> 40
Attenuation @ Fo ± 2.2 MHz [dB]> 45
Attenuation @ Fo ± 3 MHz [dB]> 55
Maximum amplitude variation [dB]1.6
Maximum Input Power [W]250
Return loss [dB]> 22 (typical >24)
Input/Output Impedance [Ohm]50
Max. Group Delay Variation [ns]850


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