2wcom dab 4c

The 2WCOM DAB-4c is a high-density and hybrid converter supporting a broadcaster to navigate through the time of switch over to DAB+. Thinking of DAB+ it is obvious broadcasters have to deal with some special challenges. For example, operating DAB in expanded networks including EDI and ETI multiplexers as sources, operating legacy ETI and EDI transmitters in parallel or operating DAB in already existing infrastructures originally not intended for DAB – e.g. DVB-S/S2 or ASI.

Flexible in application: The device allows to receive data signals from legacy ETI and EDI multiplexers at the same time and to convert the signals respectively to the EDI/ETI transmitters in the field. As a high-density solution, the device offers four ETI outputs and four ETI bidirectional interfaces (in/out) to increase the number of ETI outputs if e.g. ETI mirroring is needed. Moreover, it is equipped with two Ethernet data interfaces in and out. For synchronization of all sites, the DAB-4c can use PTPv2 or an external 10 MHz signal and in case of failure, an internal recovery from the EDI stream by jitter removal assures an ongoing synchronized transmission.

High compatibility: An ASI interface (in/out) and an optional satellite tuner enable very cost-efficiently to operate DAB in already existing distribution systems, or to optimize coverage and distribute programs to regions that are still lacking broadband IP.  Moreover, the solution accords to specifications like ETSI EN 300 40, ETSI TS 102 563, EN 300 799 or ETSI TS 102 693 and supports Uni- / Multicast (IGMPv2/v3).

Transmission robustness: The device provides the possibility of seamless switching between two EDI or ETI sources (PFT Dual Streaming).

Smart management: The DAB-4c is fully configurable via a web interface or remotely via SNMP trap (get & set). In addition, the device offers real-time statistics and monitoring of the main DAB+ parameters and on-air monitoring at transmitter sites is possible by an optional integrable DAB tuner.

  • The DAB-4c is a professional DAB distribution extractor and inserter, EDI/ETI conversion and ETI/EDI conversion and EDI level conversion for up to 4 DAB multiplexes.
  • The DAB-4c can be configured as a 4 x EDI/ETI converter or a 4 x ETI/EDI converter or a 4 x EDI Level converter. Additionally, it monitors all EDI / ETI streams.
  • A pair of input sources ETI/EDI can work together in a redundant master/slave configuration
EDI/ETI and ETI/EDI converter
  • 2 Data interfaces for EDI in/out
  • 8 BNC E1 G703/G704 Interfaces for ETI in/out
  • Switchable between 4 ETI in/out or 8 ETI out
  • 1 BNC 10MHz for reference clock
  • ASI in/out for ETI (MPEG2-TS)
  • Optional: SAT-input for EDI/ETI (MPEG2-TS or GSE)
  • Optional: DAB tuner input
EDI level converter
  • FEC level conversion for outgoing IP EDI streams
ETI/EDI redundancy switch
  • ETI link redundancy
  • EDI stream redundancy
  • Seamless switching and alarming for 2 redundant inputs (master/slave)
  • Redundancy on device level
  • Remote control with various possibilities: HTTP/S, FTP, SSH, NMS, SNMP
  • Revised configuration via web user interface for easier setup
  • Relays, inputs
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