WaveArt WAVE 1000 Original price was: €5,320.Current price is: €4,785.
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WaveArt WAVE 3000 Original price was: €13,950.Current price is: €12,555.

WaveArt WAVE 2000

2kW Compact FM DDS  Transmitter

Original price was: €8,600.Current price is: €7,740.

Original price was: €8,600.Current price is: €7,740.
Original price was: €180.Current price is: €170.
Original price was: €350.Current price is: €330.
Original price was: €705.Current price is: €670.
Original price was: €705.Current price is: €670.
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Original price was: €495.Current price is: €470.
Original price was: €2,005.Current price is: €1,910.


The WaveArt WAVE 2000 is a 2kW FM transmitter that boasts a reinvented design, blending cutting-edge hardware with user-friendly features for easy management and maintenance. The Wave Series is characterized by its compact size and innovative technology.

Key Features:

  1. Input Interfaces: The transmitters support a range of input interfaces, including analog mono/stereo, analog MPX, AES/EBU, AES192, AES67, web radio receiver, FM/DAB/HD Radio tuner, digital MPX over IP, ASI, Micro SD card, SAT/DTT receiver (available in redundant configuration), and GPS.
  2. Comprehensive Set of Features:
    • Automatic input switch
    • Stereo/RDS coders
    • FSK ID generator
    • Stereo Tool Audio Processor
    • Test tone generator
    • Audio monitor
    • MPX output
  3. SFN Capability: The patented FM isofrequency implementation allows the transmitters to operate in Single Frequency Network (SFN) with high performance.
  4. Remote Management: The units feature a local LCD display and keypad for on-site management. Additionally, they can be remotely managed via a web GUI and SNMP. There’s an option for a 3G/4G router with SMS capability, email client, and analog/digital GPIO.
  5. Adaptive Efficiency Boost (AEB): The transmitters utilize a proprietary algorithm that optimizes RF stages, allowing them to self-optimize key parameters for maximum efficiency without the need for retuning.
  6. Wave Plan (Power Scheduler): WavePlan enables users to customize power consumption based on audience needs. Daily and weekly plans can be created, specifying start and stop times and output power levels. Plans can be saved and recalled on different transmitters.
  7. Maintenance Convenience: In the event of a power supply failure, the transmitter allows for quick replacement without disassembling the unit. The damaged power supply unit (PSU) can be easily pulled out from the front panel, saving time and effort.
  8. Cost-Effective Operation: WaveArt transmitters, with a typical efficiency of 75%, are designed to minimize running costs. The Adaptive Efficiency Boost and exclusive features work to optimize performance, helping to conserve resources and maximize profitability.

In summary, the WaveArt WAVE 2000 FM transmitter is a robust and efficient solution for broadcasting, offering advanced features, remote management capabilities, and cost-effective operation to suit the needs of radio broadcasters.