Telos Z/IP ONE

Broadcast IP Codec

The Telos Z/IP ONE 1RU rackmount codec offers the capability to use public IP networks and mobile phone data services for high quality, trouble free audio transmission.

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The Telos Z/IP ONE IP codec that drops Jaws. Not Audio.

These days, you can get broadband Internet just about everywhere, which makes it ideal for live remotes. But public Internet is also notoriously erratic. You could be lucky enough to get a good connection, but it might deteriorate during your broadcast. What to do? Cross your fingers and hope for the best? Or reduce your bit rate, sacrificing audio quality in hopes of making it through your show?

With Z/IP ONE (the “Z/IP” stands for “Zephyr IP”), you don’t have to compromise audio quality for a solid connection. Z/IP ONE helps you get the best possible quality from public IP networks and mobile data services — even from connections behind NATs and firewalls. Telos collaborated with Fraunhofer (the developers of MP3 and many AAC breakthroughs) to develop a unique coding control algorithm that adapts to changing Internet conditions on the fly, helping you maintain quality and stability. We call it ACT, short for Agile Connection Technology, and only Telos has it.

Using ACT, Z/IP ONE delivers superb performance on real-world networks. ACT dynamically adapts to changing network conditions, minimizing the effects of packet loss and jitter. When the bits are flowing smoothly, you get the lowest possible delay and highest possible fidelity. If congestion starts to occur, Z/IP ONE automatically lowers bit rate and increases buffer length to keep audio flowing at maximum quality. You get reliable audio even when network conditions are unpredictable — and there’s no need to fiddle with settings or codecs.

To ensure excellent audio quality, Z/IP ONE also employs a new codec based on low delay AAC. It’s called AAC-ELD (Advanced Audio Coding-Enhanced Low Delay), and it produces superior fidelity at low bitrates with nearly inaudible loss concealment and very little delay. Standard high-performance codecs are a part of the Z/IP ONE toolkit as well: AAC-HE, AAC-LD, MPEG4 AAC-LC, MPEG2 AAC-LC, G.711, G.722 and even linear PCM. aptX coding from CSR is available at extra cost.

And for ultimate remote flexibility, Z/IP ONE supports the popular LUCI LIVE and LUCI LIVE Lite smartphone apps, allowing reporters and remote correspondents to easily file studio-quality reports and actualities at a moment’s notice, using nothing more than a cell phone and mic.

Z/IP ONE is from Telos, so of course you expect it to be easy to set up and easy to use. And it is — the front panel controls are intuitive and friendly, and the built-in Web server makes short work of configuration or remote control via any PC with a Web browser. And our exclusive worldwide Z/IP Server service, free to Z/IP owners, lets you easily get around NATs and network firewalls for fast connections to your favorite locations.

Z/IP ONE Rear PanelAround back, you’ll find analog XLR ins and outs, a Livewire port for quick connection to Axia networks, separate LAN and WAN jacks for safe connection to “the outside world”, and a parallel port for GPIO contact closures. All in a compact, 1RU package.

LUCI LIVEZ/IP ONE connections to third-party LUCI LIVE and LUCI LIVE Lite apps make it easy to file reports on the go from any iOS or Android-powered smartphone or tablet with a mic. Symmetric RTP connectivity generates a high-quality IFB feed from the studio back to the field, using the same firewall port as the inbound connection, making natuiral two-way conversationsa snap.

In addition to an impressice array of genuine aacPlus and MPEG codecs, Z/IP ONE owners can also choose optional aptX coding. If you already own a Z/IP ONE, you can can purchase aptX and add it to your Z/IP ONE’s toolkit with an easy, field-updatable software installation.