3kW FM Transmitter

The new SUONO ESVB3000 transmitter from  Italy offers superb quality at a great price point.

SKU: 106476




Following on from the legendary line of the Suono ESVA FM transmitters, of which were built over 12,000 pieces, Suono Telecom now, continuing the tradition, introduce the new ESVB line. The new ESVB range of FM broadcast transmitters, are the very best in our long 40 years of history of manufacturing FM radio products. Using the very latest technology packaged in a series of compact chassis designs and supplied at a great price point through our extensive list of worldwide distributors.

In addition to the well-known quality and reliability, this new line has those features and functions considered indispensable in today’s high quality equipment, such as energy efficiency, remote control and monitoring via telemetry LAN, IP connection and N+1 configuration capability.

Excellent audio performance
Compact size in relation to RF power
Power range from 5W to 3KW
Best Low Power Consumption Possible Today
Latest generation of RF power devices
Front panel control and measurement via OLED display interface using a single rotary knob
Quick and easy to use and immediate learning menu
IP connectivity for access from anywhere
Ready for N + 1 system
Quick and easy routine maintenance
High quality stereo encoder
RDS encoder
Telemetry via IP