Solidyne Audicom MultiCast

Radio Broadcasting Software

The Solidyne Audicom MultiCast is the only true automation program in the market – other programs are only for ‘Playout’ which is very different. They lack Artificial Intelligence Technology!

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The Solidyne Audicom MultiCast Windows native user-friendly automation software. This all-inclusive program supports automated programs, web tools, advertisement creation and monitoring and will work with the existing PC in your studio!

Audicom MultiCast is the only Artificial Intelligence radio software on the market. Complete “all in one” software with 32 different modules, for MCR workstations, Production, Recording, Traffic, Invoicing, Statistics, Budget control, Full Ads and Music listing, Newsroom, Audience Recording, Automatic Journalist recordings. It uses Cyberplay ON-Air screen, InfoMusic database, AutoDJ On-line music scheduler, Master & Slave satellite control, Teleprompter software for reading news, and much more. It works with standard PC audio cards or a direct USB connection to the console. It Manages a complete network of several Radio stations using Internet streaming with Metadata information to synchronize the transmission.