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Sinteck XT-6000

6kW FM Transmitter

The Sinteck XT-6000 is a compact, efficient FM stereo transmitter and with the lowest price point in it’s class.

Original price was: €18,285.Current price is: €17,415.

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Sinteck XT-6000

We present a line of innovative transmitters whose main objectives are energy efficiency and robustness, the XT-FM line. This is a series of transmitter equipment that offers complete solutions for those who want superior signal quality at low operational cost.

They incorporate direct-on-channel FM modulator circuits with audio response equivalent to DDS digital equipment but at an affordable cost.
DDS digital equipment but at an affordable cost for any broadcaster. They feature robust, efficient, accurate and compact circuitry, matched to a harmonious mechanical structure with unparalleled design.

XT is exclusive, produced by the one who understands radio and technology: Sinteck Next.

Technical characteristics:

– XT-6000 (6000W)

– Excellent overall efficiency in all models

– 3.9″ colour display

– High linearity VCO, the best audio quality, equivalent to DDS digital circuits.
DDS digital circuits.

– 3kW Eltek Flatpack Powerpack-2 3kW Power Supplies
(2 power supplies for the XT-3000 and 3 power supplies for other equipment)

– LDMOS NXP RF transistors, high robustness series,
supporting VSWR of up to 65:1

– Extreme ease of maintenance at the transmitter centre,
easily replaceable components and boards

– RF tuning via PRESETS with automatic power reduction
automatic power reduction according to programmed schedules

– Built-in single-band audio processor and high quality DSP digital stereo generator
high channel spacing DSP digital stereo generator

– Built-in dynamic RDS generator

– Full telemetry, no monthly fees, direct access via web browser screen or
via web browser screen or via Smartphone applications
for Smartphones

– Audio inputs with digital level control: one MPX input, one SCA input, one SCA input
MPX input, one SCA input, stereo XLR inputs and digital AES/EBU
AES/EBU digital input

– Built-in MP3 player, USB input for USB flash drives

– DC 48V voltage input from solar panel, wind turbine and battery bank, with charging circuit
and battery bank, with micro-controlled

– Total management of alternative energy systems that allows for self-sustainable
to work in a self-sustainable way, without the need to be connected to the
to the alternating current (AC) network.