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ITALAB COLIBRI ST 30 Original price was: €1,274.Current price is: €980.
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ITALAB COLIBRI ST 100 Original price was: €1,500.Current price is: €1,425.


50 Watt Stereo FM Transmitter

The ITALAB COLIBRI ST 50 is our new 50W FM transmitter offering exceptional performance and low power consumption.

Original price was: €1,404.Current price is: €1,080.

SKU: 104852


The new ITALAB COLIBRI ST 50 FM transmitter offering exceptional performance, low power consumption, low noise, high stability, ease of management, Stereo
Coder incorporated two auxiliary inputs (SCA etc.), Left right inputs and XLR mono “BNC”, in short, a great achievement for high
performance long-lasting.
RACK Made from a unit and easily housed, its simple but elegant design adds a touch of class and uniqueness!