1kW FM Power Amplifier

The ITALAB ARCHIMEDE 1000 is ideal for extending the range of any FM radio station, based on the very latest ultra rugged LDMOS transistors.

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The ITALAB ARCHIMEDE 1000  is a Wide Band amplifier which operates between 87.5 and 108 MHz. frequency ranges. The RF
part is made up of an amplifier unit (MD 1200P – FM) able to supply 1200 Watt power in continuous service. ITALAB’s
philosophy is to avoid components from working under stress, to this aim, the output power has been reduced to 1000
Watt at full regime. This ensures the product is reliable.

The radiofrequency part (made up of RF Pallet, Low-Pass Filter and of the output coupler) is placed within a box so it
is screened from all other components that complete this device.
The power supply is switching, ultra-compact and of optimum quality. We have been generous with its features to
ensure optimal performance.
All the ARCHIMEDE 1000 functionalities (RF temperature, incoming air temperature, internal temperature, output
power and reflected power) are managed by a microprocessor which controls them in real time. This allows the device
to work in optimal conditions.