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Furman P-1400 AR E Original price was: €2,250.Current price is: €2,135.

Furman F1500-UPS E

1500VA Rack Mount UPS; 230V-240V

SKU: 101036

Original price was: €2,540.Current price is: €2,410.


The Furman F1500-UPS E stands as a 1500VA Rack Mount UPS tailored exclusively for audio/video aficionados and home theater professionals. As a harmonious blend of uninterrupted power supply, battery backup, and power conditioning, this 2RU unit brings a symphony of features to safeguard and enhance the performance of critical digital A/V components.

Protection Overture:

In a world where typical UPS systems may falter, the F1500-UPS E takes center stage with cutting-edge surge suppression technologies. Furman’s SMP non-sacrificial, zero ground contamination surge suppression and EVS Extreme Voltage Shutdown take the lead, ensuring that the most robust battery operation isn’t compromised by circuit damage. A promise of years of trouble-free operation is our encore.

Filtration Crescendo:

Unlike other UPS devices with AC line filters suited for an I.T. closet, the F1500-UPS E takes the spotlight with Furman’s exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT). This advanced noise filtering technology guarantees the maintenance of today’s ultra-wide dynamic range in its pristine form. In the language of music, less AC noise translates to greater content, heightened resolution, and superior definition.

True Sine Wave Harmony:

As the F1500-UPS E steps into battery backup mode, it performs a true sine wave output, offering a virtuoso performance in reliability to all connected equipment running on battery power. The pure waveform ensures that the show goes on seamlessly without missing a beat.

Expandability Interlude:

At 1500VA, the F1500-UPS E takes center stage with substantial backup time for the most critical digital A/V components. Should the need for an encore arise, the option of a 1500VA battery pack (BATT1500-EXT, sold separately) allows for an extended runtime, creating a crescendo of power as the application demands.

BlueBOLT® Integration Finale:

The F1500-UPS E seamlessly integrates with the cloud-based IP control and monitoring world through BlueBOLT compatibility (via BlueBOLT-CV2 interface card, sold separately). This grand finale offers remote control over any Internet connection, a plug-and-play web-based graphical user interface, and RS-232 control for a wide range of commands. The dual programmable IR control even takes the final bow, sending shutdown commands to remote components in the event of a blackout.

Features Symphony:

  • 1500VA Battery Backup:
    • Maintains critical data and orchestrates an orderly shutdown during blackouts.
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation):
    • Conducts a symphony of stability by stabilizing input voltage during fluctuations.
  • USB Interface:
    • Establishes a connection for USB-based communication and control.
  • 2RU Rack Mount Design:
    • Takes a humble place in the orchestra, fitting into standard 19-inch equipment racks.

The Furman F1500-UPS E is a masterpiece in the orchestration of power management, providing a crescendo of protection, filtration, and expandability for the grand performance of critical A/V components in professional setups and home theaters.