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D&R Camcon Trigger-Box

Visual Radio

Now it’s possible to create Visual Radio during your live broadcast with the help of the DR Camcon Trigger-Box unit and its software.

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The D&R Camcon Trigger-Box opens up new possibilities for creating Visual Radio experiences during live broadcasts. By seamlessly integrating with the CamCon trigger unit and its software, broadcasters can enhance their productions with visual elements that engage audiences in real-time.

Key features of the D&R Camcon Trigger-Box include:

  • Visual Radio Integration: Enables the creation of Visual Radio experiences by controlling scene switches in OBS (freeware) during live broadcasts.
  • Microphone Control: The 4-channel Camcon trigger unit connects to microphones, allowing for automatic scene switching based on who is speaking.
  • USB Connectivity: The Camcon application software measures microphone levels and communicates with the PC via USB, facilitating seamless control over Visual Radio scenes.
  • Simple Operation: The Triggerbox/Camcon is user-friendly and straightforward to use, making it accessible for broadcasters of all levels.
  • Visual Radio Control (VRC) Software: Connects scenes from broadcasting software to channels on the Camcon Visual Radio device, enabling precise control over scene switching.
  • Metering and MicOn Information: Provides metering and microphone status information to the VRC software, enabling intelligent scene selection based on audio activity.
  • Customizable Settings: Parameters such as priority, hold time, and activation delay can be adjusted to tailor the system to specific broadcasting needs.
  • Integration with D&R Mixers: For optimal performance, the Camcon trigger unit can receive fader position information from D&R mixers via GPO connectors, ensuring accurate scene switching even when faders are adjusted.


  • Dimensions: Front Left-Right: 482 mm, Frame Left Right: 430 mm, Front-Back: 175 mm, Height: 44 mm (1HE)
  • Front Panel Thickness: 2 mm
  • Radius Corners: 20 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg

Product Information:

  • Article Number: 60898519
  • EAN: 7444704138134

The D&R Camcon Trigger-Box offers broadcasters a powerful tool for enhancing their live broadcasts with Visual Radio elements, providing an immersive experience for audiences and enhancing engagement.