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DB Broadcast MOZART NEXT 2000


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Original price was: €7,975.Current price is: €7,595.


Experience Excellence with the DB Broadcast MOZART NEXT 2000 Stereo FM Transmitter

Unveiling the DB Broadcast Mozart Next 2000W Stereo FM Transmitter, equipped with MSE Magnetic Sound Enhancer technology for unparalleled audio quality. This compact transmitter offers MPX, SCA, RDS inputs, a power range of 0 to 2000W, front panel frequency settings from 87.5 to 108 MHz, and a deviation limiter. The LCD front panel display ensures user-friendly operation.

Compact and Revolutionary FM Transmitter

The Mozart FM Transmitter is more than just an exciter and transmitter; it’s a revolutionary force in the FM Broadcasting industry, boasting cutting-edge Audio & RF technology.

Key Features:

  • GREEN RF™ Technology: Incorporating new 65:1 devices, a progression of the renowned COLD-FET™ technology.
  • Low Maintenance: Easily accessible components, external cooling air filters, and exceptional MTBF for RF and power supply modules, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Compact Design: Low weight and compact design for cost-effective transportation and logistics.
  • High Frequency Stability: Achieved through a Digital Phase Locked Loop circuit with low drift VCTCXO.
  • Complete Remote Management: Utilize WEB SERVER SNMP, GSM, SMS remote control, and Wi-Fi Touch options for comprehensive remote management.

Advanced Performance and Flexibility

The DB Broadcast Mozart FM Transmitter boasts advanced features for audio excellence:

  • MSE™ Magnetic Sound Enhancer: Safeguards the VCO, enhancing sound quality.
  • Stereo Generator: High-performance digital stereo coding with separation exceeding 65dB.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Exceeds 80dB, ensuring superior audio quality.
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity and Output Deviation: Precise adjustments of 0.05dB via front panel or web interface.
  • Modulation Limiter: Ensures compliance with international requirements, preventing over-modulation and adjacent channel interference.

Efficiency and Reliability

  • Switch-Mode Power Supply: Incorporating power factor control for efficiency and reliability.
  • Efficient Cooling System: Maintains proper functioning even in extreme climate conditions.
  • Optimized Design: Minimizes losses and maximizes AC efficiency, surpassing 70%.

Elevate your broadcasting with the DB Broadcast Mozart Next 2000W Stereo FM Transmitter, delivering exceptional audio quality and reliability.