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Ultra-compact IP audio codec

The AEQ TALENT is the new ultra-compact IP audio codec, packed with features, of reduced footprint and a price tag that is an eye-opener.


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The Audio codec AEQ TALENT allows you to connect the microphones and headphones of the participants in a programme, from home or anywhere, making the sound of the interventions almost indistinguishable from that generated in the studio.

It transmits high-quality, OPUS-encoded audio from a microphone to the studio console and back to the headphones.

But TALENT has also been equipped with other extremely useful additional features:

You can add a stereo signal to the microphone from an external connector and a high-quality Bluetooth connection, allowing you to broadcast from concerts, sports or other events, or play audio playlists from a phone or PC and present them.

If the Bluetooth connection is made to a telephone, telephone interviews can be conducted, either with a conventional call, or, for higher quality, via applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and others. The calls can be incorporated into the programme that is sent to the station.

To send the audio to the station, you can use a home internet connection, via ADSL or fibre, or a wireless 3G/4G/5G data connection via a simple router/ modem with a SIM card.
And in situations where there is no IP connection, via the same Bluetooth channel and the smartphone, HD voice quality (HD voice) can be sent to the studio PC to input the audio into the programme.

The equipment has a desktop format and is light and small, about 600 grams and a front of about 20 × 13 cm. less than half a sheet of A4 paper.

It has a simple front control panel with microphone and headset level adjustment, call/unhook button, hang up button, incoming and outgoing signal level indicators and other basic status and communication indicators. It also has a HELP button to call the attention of the station operator. Because the equipment does not need to be operated by the announcer, as all front panel controls are available in two applications: