AEA Technology 6050-5000

SWR Site Analyzer 6050-5000

The AEA Technology 6050-5000 SWR Site Analyzer with VSWR, Return Loss and FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometer) measurements from 100KHz-1400MHz.

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AEA Technology 6050-5000

The all new AEA Technology 6050-5000 100KHz-1.5GHz Site Analysers are available in two models:

SWR Site Analyser with VSWR, Return Loss and FDR(Frequency Domain Reflectometer) measurements. VNA Site Analyser with full Vector Network Analyser measurement suite S11 and S21 ports, Spectrum Analyser, and FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometer) measurements. Both models feature full colour backlit display with excellent daylight readability. 50 memory slots for saving plots to recall on the Site Analyser or upload to a PC using Site Analyser PC Vision™ software (included). Easy to navigate menus, user custom colour settings and measurements plot displays.The VNA Site Analyser has one-button, revert to be just an SWR & Return Loss meter if desired. This makes it flexible for both the novice and engineer level person to use with minimal training. PC communications is via USB-2 (cable included). Technical support includes: User Training PPT, and toll-free technical support for the life of the instrument.

Included Items:
SWR Site Analyser, Terminators (short & 50 Ohm), 8AA Ni MH cells (installed)
Belt Case with removable shoulder strap, USB Cable, AC adapter, Quick Start Guide, Basic Guide, and CD with
Operating Manual, Training PPT, Site Analyser PC Vision software, Application Notes, and backup literature copies.