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Phase-locked multichannel AoIP codec for surround sound


The IP-8m eight-channel AoIP codec allows for the transmission of eight digital mono-channels in phase-locked mode (8.0, 7.1, 6.0 and 2.0, 5.1 and 2.0 or 4.0 and 4.0). Radio stations can provide their listeners live content in both stereo and surround sound quality. The multichannel codec enables users to feed live contributions into large or international broadcast networks via surround routers.

Multi-format audio coding: Suitable for audio broadcast applications like live concerts and studio-to-studio connections, operators can select from audio algorithms, including Dolby Digital (DD or AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (DD+ or E-AC-3), PCM, E-aptX and AAC.

High compatibility: The IP-8m is compliant with standards such as EBU Tech 3326, AES67, Ravenna, Livewire+ or SMPTE 2110 to ensure compatibility with third party products.

Pay as you grow: All soft- and hardware components are individually combinable. The scalability from one to four audio channels using software licences gives you flexibility in planning your network and reducing your costs.

Transmission robustness: Features like two internal or external power supplies, error correction mechanisms such as Pro-MPEG FEC or SRT Secure Reliable Transport, streaming redundancy by Dual Streaming) and backup by alternative audio sources, ensure 24/7 operation.

Smart management: Users can configure all parameters via a web interface or remotely via SNMP, Ember+, JSON, HTTP, FTP, Telnet or NMS. The Easy2connect SIP phonebook simplifies intercommunication for remote connections by negotiating protocols and codec algorithms with just one click. The protocols for synchronization NTP, PTPv2, or 1PPS allow a synchronized playout down to 1 µs.

Audio coding fitting to your needs

High quality multichannel audio de- / encoding

  • Phase-locked audio for surround applications
    — PCM
    — E-aptX
    — AAC
    — Dolby Digital Plus AC4/E-AC3 (option)
  • MPEG ½ Layer 2, 3
  • G.711, G.722, Linear PCM
  • Opus
  • MPEG 2 / 4 AAC LC
  • MPEG 4 HE-AAC v1&v2
  • Extended HE-AAC (xHE-AAC)
  • Enhanced aptX (E-aptX)
  • Optional: Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital Plus
  • Optional: Bit transparent transmission of digital audio

IP streaming (unicast, multiple unicast & multicast)

  • Rock solid network connection even in stress conditions according to standards RFC 3550, RFC 3551, RFC 3640, RFC 2250
  • Professional audio IP streaming using UDP, RTP and SIP/SDP (standardized by EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326)
  • TS: RTP, UDP and SRT streaming
  • SRT Secure Reliable Transport
  • PRO MPEG FEC, Dual streaming
  • Optional: Livewire/ Ravenna (SIP, SAP, RTSP, , PTPv2)
  • Optional Stream4Sure: 2wcom streaming technology with different codecs/qualities and seamless switching of up to 4 Streams
  • HLS, Icecast source client

Backup / advanced redundancy management

  • Dual IP ports for data + 1 IP port for control interface
  • Optional: redundant power supply 230 VAC or 48 VDC


  • Remote control with various possibilities: HTTP/S, FTP, Telnet, NMS, SNMP v2c
  • Revised configuration via web user interface for easier setup
  • Insertion of localized advertisement
  • SNMP v2c, relays, inputs
  • Ember+


  • Energy efficient 24/7 broadcast quality
  • RDS decoding (built in RDS/UECP decoder)
  • Embedded auxiliary data (RBDS/RDS or PAD) and GPIO forwarding
  • Optional: Perfect network synchronization for SFN applications


  • IP and MPEG parameters via SNMP v2c and relay
  • Headphone output
  • Icecast live listening

Advanced control functionalities

  • HTTP/HTTPS: via web interface
  • FTP: XML file control
  • NMS: Control via centralized network management system
  • SNMP, alarm, source switch & event logging
  • Ember+

Perfect audio quality

  • Balanced digital AES/EBU (integrated XLR connector)

Advanced IP robustness functionalities

  • Even to operate in standard IP networks
  • Management of packet size, buffer, and QoS
  • Optional: Stream4Sure – 2wcom streaming technology with different codes / qualities and seamless switching of up to 4 streams