Radiosoft Adsman Pro

Radiosoft RADIO AdsMan Pro software for generating advertising playlists from a database of available commercials. Contains export functions in a various formats (fully compatible with RADIO Player Pro), highly customizable report wizard and other features.

  • commercials database;
  • automatic generation of playlists;
  • personal settings for each commercial;
  • built-in report generator with ability to edit and create new report forms;
  • complex advertisements which contains more than 1 file;
  • visual air grid to fill a mediaplan with indication of the free and used time;
  • mediaplan fill wizard;
  • managing groups, customers, manages, places and other characteristics
  • supports managing several radio stations;
  • Archive for unused clips with recovery option;
  • automatic price calculation based on tariff plans;
  • built-in audio player;
  • mini-base to store personal settings for audio files;
  • full compatibility with RADIO Player Pro;
  • playlist export in various automation software formats;
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Radiosoft RADIO AdsMan Pro


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