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The new Ampleon ART2K0FE makes it possible to create highly rugged 3000 (>3000W pulsed) pallets for high VSWR industrial and broadcast (analogue and digital) applications. You will likely have to parallel two PSU units to supply the power to this pallet. Make sure to select a power supply that supports paralleling.

Device: 2xAmpleon ART2K0FE
Efficiency >80% efficiency @ 88-108Mhz CW
Up to 3200W at 62V, even more at 65V per device (two onboard)

Recommended voltage supply: 62-65V DC
Supply current: >60A
Operating Temperature range: 0 to +70 °C ( at Device Flange )
Storage Temperature range: -30 to +90 °C
Load Mismatch: 65:1 (all phase angle)
Ensure sufficient strong airflow across the top of the pallet, the PCB can get very hot at max power! This pallet requires a good heatsink!

– Ensure shielding between the final stage and audio stage with the exciter. Install a good feed-through capacitor on the supply +60V wiring feeding the power output stage. This will keep and RF from the power line.
– Excessive drive level can damage this amplifier; the design of equipment where the amplifier will be mounted must foresee appropriate protection circuits.
– Amplifier efficiency is a function of supply voltage, in order to obtain max efficiency please reduce supply in function of desired output power. Generally, the best compromise between efficiency and harmonic emission is obtained when the amplifier work at about 2-3 dB of gain compression.
– RF pallets are sensitive devices, if you do not have sufficient experience please consider a fully finished product instead. They can be burned by applying too much drive power, too high supply voltage, not using proper heatsink, using a filter with unsufficient specifications, connecting mismatched loads or no load at all and also by soldering coax with too long leads. For this reason, there is no warranty for any pallet. We do assure you that every pallet is tested and is 100% operational as it leaves our workshop.

Quantity discount is available and shipping becomes a lot cheaper per unit as quantity goes up. For additional info and prices please ask for a quote here.

NOTE: The pallet amplifier is shipped without the connectors shown on the photo and the final design was altered somewhat (photo coming soon).

  • Device: 2xAmpleon ART2K0FE
  • Efficiency >80% efficiency @ 88-108Mhz CW
  • Up to 3200W at 62V, even more at 65V per device (two onboard)
  • Frequency Range: 87.5 to 108 Mhz
  • Power Gain: 26dB typ. ±1dB
  • Power Output: >3000W @ 65V
  • Power Input: 6-8W typ.
  • Efficiency: 83% max. @ 108Mhz FM CW.
  • Supply Voltage: 30-65V typ, 65V max
  • Size (LxWxH): 255mmx100x30mm
  • F2 Second Harmonic: -35dB typ.
  • F3 Third Harmonic: -35dB typ.
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