Orban OPTIMOD XPN Enterprise

Audio Processing Tailored to Your Needs

Radio and internet broadcasters worldwide are realizing the benefits of moving operations to centralized – and ideally, virtualized – environments. Many of these customers have high-density needs, with many signals that need to be managed. Orban’s new OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ easily meets those needs.

OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ is an easy-to-use, Linux-based, customizable processing platform for multiple broadcast stations or streaming services with centralized control. It provides Orban’s propriety OptiCloud™ processing for up to 8 FM and 8 HD/DAB+ radio channels plus 8 Internet stream processing channels for a total of 24 output channels all in a 1 RU package, using an enterprise-class softGear™ server and the appropriate OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ Nodes.

Content to be OPTICLOUD™ processed is brought to one location, utilizing any of the most common methods of audio transport – AES3, AES-67, SMPTE 2110-30, Dante or Livewire+, and creates the necessary outputs (analog, AES3, FM Composite, DMPX and Orban uMPX™) using the appropriate Orban XPN-Enterprise Nodes for distribution to each transmitter site. With this system, we offer a maximum of flexibility to our customers as the setup can be adapted to your individual needs and even changed or extended easily if required.

The OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ server supports AES67, SMPTE2110/2027 – dual redundant networks, Dante and Livewire+ and allows you to set up a state-of-the-art AoIP audio processing system. Content for each input is individually processed. OPTICLOUD™ factory presets give users a quick start for each format, and its exclusive “Less-More” controls greatly simplify dialing in your stations’ sound by combining multiple audio processing parameters with a handful of controls. Kantar or Nielsen watermarking for each broadcast output is provided using the appropriate XPN-Enterprise Node.

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Orban OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise

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