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The Glensound Solo is a single position commentary unit designed for ease of use. Compact and robust, this unit features a configurable mic button as mic on/off or cough, mic level gain control, external source monitoring and adjustable sidetone.

Mic Input
The Glensound Solo has a transformer coupled input for one microphone connected via XLR to the rear panel. Adjustable input mic gain using the rear panel POT, allows full control over incoming levels. Toggle selectable 48 Volt phantom power is available for use of condenser mics.

The master has a transformer coupled output on a single XLR. The headphone uses a 6.35mm jack.

The microphone input has the option to engage a high quality compressor/limiter using the rear panel toggle switch. This is a Glensound system specifically designed for commentary.

The sidetone is activated when the mic is live allowing the user to monitor their own voice which is level adjustable via the rear panel POT. A single external source on XLR is routed to the headphones for additional monitoring requirements. Overall headphone levels are adjustable using the top panel volume POT.

Configurable ‘Mic On’ Button
The ‘Mic On’ has the option of 4 engineer (user unaccessible) selectable functions;

Mic Toggle On/Off: Press once to turn on and press again to turn off.
Cough Mode (Mic momentary Off): The mic is continuously on; the mic will turn off for the duration the button is depressed.
Momentary On: The mic is continuously off; the mic will turn on for the duration the button is depressed.
Momentary Off (Intelligent Lever Key): When the button is depressed for a prolonged period of time, it will remain on until released. If tapped, it will latch on and when tapped again it turns off.

All user instructions for set up are printed on bottom panel.

Power is obtained via a B type USB (5 Volt in). The top panel LED illuminates when power is present.

  • Suitable for studio and outside broadcast applications
  • Switchable High Quality Compressor/Limiter
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Mic button on/off or cough
  • Low Noise
  • Transformer Coupled I/O
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Glensound Solo


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