DEVA Broadcast DB2004 TT2

Drawing on years of experience and always aiming to expand our product line and to make innovative technology available to all, DEVA introduces a revolutionary tool – the DB2004-T/T2. This is an advanced monitoring probe of the highest quality, fully compliant with DVB-T/T2 standards. With its powerful, DSP based high-end digital tuner, it allows for accurate and dependable monitoring with detailed DVB-T/T2 component information and PID alarms. In addition to advanced encoding and monitoring of the MPEG transport stream, this tool also supports TR 101 290 monitoring, priority 1, 2 and 3. The intuitive navigational menu and the built-in WEB and FTP server make this product extremely user-friendly and easy to install and set up. The DB2004-T/T2 provides a selectable wide range IF filter bandwidth, as well as a spectrum analyzer allowing checks of the RF carrier. It also lets users choose between a predefined DVB channels scan or manual tune.This product offers PLP extraction and TS PLP analysis and adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for RF, SNR, BER and MER. Alarm dispatch can be achieved via email, SNMP ver. 2C or GPO.

Other notable features are the RF Spectrum and Constellation display, the professional ASI input and output and the antenna port with a scalable built-in RF attenuator. The DB2004-T/T2 provides protected access to the device settings and allows for firmware updates, guaranteeing its improved operation. The product also supports both Apple and Android devices.

This advanced remote control and monitoring tool is the ultimate DVB solution, providing accuracy and versatility at an affordable price.

  • DVB-T/T2 Compliant Receiver
  • High-end Digital Tuner, UHF 21-60 Channel
  • Up to 110 dBµV direct RF Antenna Input
  • Advanced MPEG Monitoring and PID Alarms
  • Detailed DVB-T/T2 component information
  • TR 101 290 Monitoring, Priority 1, 2 and 3
  • Predefined DVB channels scan or manual tune
  • RF Spectrum & Constellation display
  • PLP extraction and TS PLP analysis
  • Built-in easy to use WEB and FTP server
  • Antenna port with built-in RF attenuator
  • Selectable wide range IF filter bandwidth
  • Very Intuitive Navigational Menu
  • Levels measurement with data history
  • Spectrum analyzer allowing checking of the RF Carrier
  • Service Availability Error & Service Degradation Error
  • Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for RF, SNR, BER, MER
  • Alarm dispatch via E-mail, SNMP ver.2C and GPO
  • Professional ASI Input and Output
  • LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoring
  • Protected access to the device settings
  • SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
  • LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoring
  • Apple and Android devices support
  • Firmware updates will ensure improved operation
  • Easy Installation and Setup
RF Input
Tuning RangeFrequency Agile 474-786 MHz; UHF 21-60 Channel
Tuning Step10kHz
Tuner Sensitivity30 dBμV
Antenna PortN Connector, Female, 50Ω
Internal Attenuator0, 10, 20 and 30 dB
RF input levelup to 120 dBμV
Supported StandardsDVB-T – ETSI EN 300 744; DVB-T2 & T2 Lite – ETSI EN 302 755 v1.3.1, ETSI TS 102 831; T2-MI – ETSI TS 102 773
ASI Input
StandardASI–C MPEG–2 ISO/IEC 13818–1
Input connectorBNC 75 ohm, Female, ASI-C
Input modeDVB-ASI 188 byte packets
ASI Output
StandardASI–C MPEG–2 ISO/IEC 13818–1
Output mode188 bytes packet
Output connectorBNC 75 ohm, Female, ASI-C
Monitoring Features
RF input level30-110 dBμV ±1 dB
MER0 to 40 dB (±1 dB)
SNR0 to 40 dB (±1 dB)
BER Before-Viterbi(DVB-T)1x10-2 to 1x10-5
BER Post-Viterbi(DVB-T)1x10-2 to 1x10-8
BER (DVB-T2)Before/Post-LDPC, Post-BCH
Signal LockLock/Unlock
Modulation parametersL1 signaling in DVB-T2, TPS in DVB-T
SFN MonitorChannel Impulse Response (CIR); Echoes Delay and Power Level alarms
ETSI TR 101 290 MonitorETSI TR 101 290 Priority 1, 2 and 3; MPEG-2 TS Monitor, TS (with MIP packet) Network Delay
T2-MI MonitorSingle/Multi-PLP support; ETSI TR 101 290 T2-MI packet, L1 pre/post signaling; T2-MI Network Delay; PLP extraction and TS PLP analysis (ETR 101 290)
QoSSAE (Service Availability Error), SDE (Service Degradation Error)
Round-Robin LoggerMonitor sequentially multiple channel frequencies or PLPs
RF Spectrum DisplayRF Spectrum with SPAN 10 MHz
Constellation DisplayQPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
Other FeaturesAudio/Video Freeze Detection, DOCSIS Monitoring
Communication Interfaces
TypeRJ45 Connector, Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
Supported ProtocolsHTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP v2/v2C
Device DiscoveryUPnP support
Measurement Storage
Storage32GB Build-in Memory Card
Monitoring Logs Data formatText, CSV
Operating conditions
Temperature10°C - 45°C
Humidity< 75%, non-condensing
Voltage100-240V / 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption20VA
ConnectorIEC320, Fused and EMI-suppressed
Size and Weight
Dimensions (W;H;D)485 x 44 x 180 mm
Shipping Weight540 x 115 x 300 mm / 2.700 kg
HS Code8527212000


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