Sonifex RB-SM2

Dual Stereo to Mono Converter

The Sonifex RB-SM2 is a dual version of the RB-SM1, consisting of two independent converters which will produce two fully buffered and balanced mono line outputs from two stereo inputs.

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Sonifex RB-SM2 – Dual Mono Line Output Converter

Introducing the Sonifex RB-SM2, a versatile dual version of the RB-SM1, featuring two independent converters that produce fully buffered and balanced mono line outputs from stereo inputs.

Connections and Compatibility:

All connections are conveniently located on the rear panel. The XLR-3 inputs are electronically balanced with an impedance of 20 kΩ bridging, and they can be wired unbalanced to accept output from domestic equipment.

The XLR-3 line outputs are also electronically balanced, with an output impedance of <50 Ω. These outputs can be wired unbalanced by grounding the non-phase signal, making it possible to feed both balanced and unbalanced equipment.

Output Gain Adjustment:

The RB-SM2 offers output gain adjustment using pre-set potentiometers for both converters. This feature allows easy normalization of mono output from domestic stereo equipment. The potentiometers are easily accessible through the rear panel.

Discover the convenience and flexibility of the Sonifex RB-SM2, providing efficient conversion for your audio needs.


RB-SM2 Diagram