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Sonifex RB-PD2

Stereo Profanity Delay

The Sonifex RB-PD2 is a stereo audio profanity delay used for live broadcast programs to prevent unwanted or obscene material from being transmitted.

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Sonifex RB-PD2 Stereo Profanity Delay Overview


The Sonifex RB-PD2 is a sophisticated stereo audio profanity delay unit designed to safeguard live broadcast programs from airing unwanted or obscene content. This device features an advanced automatic audio stretch algorithm that allows a delay of 2 to 55 seconds to be built up in real-time, preserving the correct pitch. It can also use pre-selected audio files from a Compact Flash™ memory card to acquire delay. Upon program completion, the delay is seamlessly reduced to zero by the audio stretch algorithm.

Key Features

  • Audio Inputs/Outputs:
    • Balanced analogue and AES/EBU digital audio on 3-pin XLR connectors.
    • Supports sample rates up to 48kHz at 24-bit resolution.
    • Can function as a combined A/D and D/A converter.
  • Delay Control:
    • Build delay using the front panel button.
    • Front panel display shows current delay time.
    • Delay range: 2 to 55 seconds depending on the sample and bit rates.
  • Audio Management:
    • COUGH function to discard unwanted local sounds.
    • DUMP function with two modes:
      • Removes buffered audio by a pre-selected amount.
      • Plays a pre-selected audio file from Compact Flash™ card.
    • DROP function to discard all buffered audio.
  • Recording:
    • Dedicated record mode for capturing audio to a WAV file on a Compact Flash™ card.
    • Card format is PC-readable for easy file transfer.
  • Remote Control:
    • 8 inputs and 6 outputs via a remote port, freely assignable.
    • Trigger various functions such as build delay, cough, and record mode.
    • Outputs can indicate events like delay build-up or output muting.
  • User Interface:
    • Front panel vacuum fluorescent display with rotary controller.
    • Various settings adjustable via Sonifex SCi software.


  • A/D Converter:
    • Max Input Level: +28dBu
    • Input Impedance: >10kΩ
    • S/N Ratio: Better than -101dBFS
    • Dynamic Range: >110dB
    • Distortion & Noise: >96dB THD + N
  • D/A Converter:
    • Max Output Level: +24dBu
    • Output Impedance: <50Ω
    • Dynamic Range: >100dB
    • Output Gain Range: -6dBu to +24dBu
    • Sampling Frequencies: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
    • Sample Width: 16bit, 24bit
  • Delay Times (Dependent on sample and bit rates):
    • 32kHz, 16bit: 55 seconds
    • 32kHz, 24bit: 27.5 seconds
    • 44.1kHz, 16bit: 40 seconds
    • 44.1kHz, 24bit: 20 seconds
    • 48kHz, 16bit: 37 seconds
    • 48kHz, 24bit: 18.5 seconds
  • Connections:
    • Analogue: 2 x XLR 3-pin (In/Out)
    • Digital: 1 x AES/EBU XLR 3-pin (In/Out)
    • Remote I/O Port: 15-way ‘D’-type
    • Serial Comms Port: 9-way ‘D’-type
    • Mains Input: Filtered IEC, 85-264VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Physical:
    • Dimensions: 48cm (W) x 15.8cm (D) x 4.3cm (H)
    • Weight: Nett 1.7kg, Gross 2.3kg


The RB-PD2 is ideal for radio stations and broadcasters needing reliable profanity delay mechanisms. Its ability to manage live delays, record audio, and provide extensive remote control options makes it versatile for various broadcasting environments. The unit ensures clean and controlled audio output, safeguarding against unintended content breaches.