Sonifex AVN-DIO01

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Dante to Analogue XLR Stereo Output

The Sonifex AVN-DIO01 features Dante input and stereo audio output on 2x 3-pin XLR connectors

The Sonifex AVN-DIO01  Audiophile Dante®Interfaces are simple plug and play audio interfaces provide a convenient and elegant method of connecting legacy analogue and digital audio equipment to the Dante AoIP audio network. What’s the difference between these units and others? The audio quality. Sonifex are using A/D and D/A circuitry that’s 10 times better than similar competing products, offering >120dB of dynamic range.

If you're converting audio sources into AoIP, it makes sense to use the best converters that you can afford, to benefit the whole network. These cost effective products provide the answer. Using Dante Controller for configuration and powered by PoE, these rugged aluminium boxes have side slots for screw mounting and contain superior audio circuitry for optimal audio performance. In addition, they use rugged Neutrik EtherCon®connectors and Neutrik lockable audio connectors for ultra-reliable connectivity.




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