Sine Control PowerClamp Series 8

Surge Suppressor

Sine Control PowerClamp Series 8 is a sophisticated surge suppression unit that offers the ultimate in transient protection.



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Sine Control PowerClamp Series 8

Sine Control PowerClamp Series 8 is a sophisticated surge suppression unit that provides the ultimate in transient protection with much lower clamping levels than any other TVSS device.

POWERCLAMP Series 8 wire-in PARALLEL TVSS devices are ideally suited for hospitals, airports, data centres, military installations, manufacturing plants and similar mission-critical facilities. They are rated at 150,000 surge amps per phase, and will suppress lightning induced transients, massive high energy surges, and power line spikes. POWERCLAMP Series 8 units prevent power surges from damaging computers and other sensitive equipment. Their superior surge suppression will greatly improve system reliability and prevent the failures that are caused by power line disturbances. Operation is not affected by the power requirements of the load. Each line phase is fused, with a fuse status lamp. An unlikely failure will not interrupt power to the load. The Series 8 offers optional remote failure detection to monitor the suppression integrity of the device from a remote location. A Series 8 unit should be installed at the main entry electrical panel in any location where uncompromised surge and spike protection is necessary.


POWERCLAMP Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) device is a passive, multi-staged hybrid high energy parallel device designed to react to the onset of surges with fast rise times and high amplitude ranges such as those which follow sags or other external or atmospheric induced impulses. POWERCLAMP senses the fast ramp of the transient and automatically fixes on the peak of the line voltage waveform. The unit incorporates sine wave tracking, to ‘float’ the clamping threshold with the rise and fall of the peak of the AC waveform without creating wave shape distortion. Response times are within 1-2 nanoseconds. POWERCLAMP will clamp many transients to within 2 volts of the AC waveform. Units operate at up to 120% of the normal line voltage.