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Orban OPTIMOD 5950

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The Orban OPTIMOD 5950 represents the cutting-edge in audio processing technology, offering a comprehensive package of features designed to enhance the quality of FM and DAB+/HD Radio broadcasts. Here’s an overview of its key features:

Key Features:

  1. Compact Design: Housed in a compact 1 RU (rack unit) form factor, suitable for space-conscious environments.
  2. MX Peak Limiter Technology: Features Orban’s breakthrough MX Peak Limiter technology, aimed at reducing distortion and maximizing audio quality.
  3. High-Resolution Touch Display: Equipped with a high-resolution touch display for intuitive and user-friendly operation.
  4. Remote Control: Offers remote control capabilities via any HTML5 web browser, allowing for convenient and flexible operation.
  5. Versatile Connectivity: Supports a wide range of inputs and outputs including analog, AES3, composite, digital MPX, and AES67/SMPTE-ST2110, ensuring compatibility with various studio and transmitter setups.
  6. μMPX Option: Optional μMPX allows for the cost-effective transmission of digital MPX signals over IP, expanding connectivity options.
  7. Advanced Audio Processing Features:
    • MX Peak Limiter: Decreases distortion for improved audio quality.
    • Subharmonic Synthesizer: Enhances bass frequencies, delivering a punchy sound.
    • Multipath Mitigator/Phase: Reduces multipath distortion while maintaining stereo separation.
  8. RDS/RBDS Generator: Includes an onboard RDS/RBDS generator with support for dynamic PS scrolling and IP access, enhancing station identification capabilities.
  9. Remote Control Protocols: Supports SNMP v2 protocol for remote control and monitoring, allowing for seamless integration into existing broadcast workflows. Ember+ protocol support will be available in a later release.

The Orban OPTIMOD 5950 is designed to provide broadcasters with a powerful and versatile audio processing solution, delivering exceptional sound quality and flexibility for FM and DAB+/HD Radio broadcasts.