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Complete 20W AM Transmitter Package Original price was: €2,295.Current price is: €1,895.
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RigExpert AA-1500 ZOOM Original price was: €1,050.Current price is: €1,000.

Norton 100W AM Transmitter Package

Complete 100W AM Transmitter Package

Our Norton 100W AM Transmitter Package includes a 100W Transmitter + Antenna + Cable

SKU: 107369

Original price was: €2,795.Current price is: €2,295.


Norton 100W AM Transmitter Package

This complete 100W AM Transmitter Package is a highly efficient professional AM transmitter with up to 100 watts of clean output. Ideally suited for radio stations that demand broadcast quality and broadband operation (no-tune) – an integrated single box solution incorporating the exciter, RF amplifier, power supply and modulator, this transmitter can also serve as an exciter for driving external RF amplifiers. Its synthesized exciter with advanced DDS technology is designed for pristine audio quality and unsurpassed reliability, as numerous of our AM transmitters are operating trouble-free in some of the world’s most remote installations.

All our AM transmitters are loaded with features, such as a front-panel LCD, adjustable RF output power and modulation, underlying architecture that includes a unique DDS synthesizer, ultra-low distortion AM modulator integrated into a great performing, highly stable AM transmission system. The power amplifier is based on modern LDMOS devices & techniques. High airflow fans keep the power amplifier constantly ventilated, resulting in 24/7 low-temperature operation. For the user’s convenience, amplifiers are protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (VSWR) monitoring which react to faults by reducing the output power to a safe operating level, keeping you on air rather than shutting down completely.

Being more configurable and flexible than other units in their class, Norton transmitters offer exceptional value with no compromise on performance.

The frequency range varies and is programmed according to regional regulations and order specifications.

Feel free to ask for any modification or add-on. As an electronics industry, we are able to provide you with custom-made designs well suited for your specific needs.