Label AKG/1

FM Broadband  Dipole

The Label AKG/1 vertically polarised  dipole antennas are available in 600w, 2kW & 3kW versions.

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Label AKG/1

A quality stainless steel dipole antenna that can be used with any FM transmitter, broadband tuning and with good lightning protection.

The Label AKG/1 high-power dipole is the perfect antenna for stations that require a standard vertical or horizontal dipole. The high-grade construction and DC short protection will provide peace of mind to stations who want to stay on air.

No tuning or adjustment is needed for any frequency on the band, which allows this antenna to be used with any frequency transmitter. Our choice for commercial sites up to 800 Watts (1500 Watts with two).

For higher power transmitters or more gain, we can supply matching power dividers to stack the AKG/1N’s. MORE INFO ON THESE FROM SALES