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Kvarta Gigabit Stream Monitor

Our most cost-effective solution for 24/7 monitoring – TSoIP Broadcasts.

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Kvarta Gigabit Stream Monitor

Our most cost-effective solution for 24/7 monitoring – TSoIP Broadcasts

Kvarta is widely considered as a reliable producer of radio and TV equipment. The Gigabit Stream Monitor is specially built for securing dependable monitoring of TSoIP streams for broadcasters that want to provide their clients with quality service round the clock.
Kvarta’s Gigabit Stream Monitor is a powerful and professional yet affordable solution for standalone TSoIP monitoring at the transmitter site or within the coverage area. Through Ethernet ports (one 1Gbit stream port and one for management), the unit sequentially monitors a set list of streams and continuously ensures that your network meets both the legal requirements and your expectations.
With its Ethernet interface, the Gigabit Stream Monitor can be controlled remotely using the user-friendly embedded website or an SNMP-Based network management system.
The Gigabit Stream Monitor offers innovative functions such as multi-stream monitoring (up to 100 streams per receiver), automatic scanning and remote control.

MPEG Monitoring

The Gigabit Stream Monitor is able to decode and monitor the MPEG transport stream (PAT, PMT, NIT, SDT, CAT, TDT, and TOT). You can set alarms for missing audio/video streams. The device is set to monitor for Bitrate, Delay, CC errors and RTP errors at an exceptional Price/Quality ratio. The Gigabit Stream Monitor can be connected to SNMP server for automated remote configuration and monitoring of multiple devices. Provided with a quick-start guide, the device is easy to install and has a user-friendly website. The Gigabit Stream Monitor is future-proof as it supports remote firmware upgrades to add all the new functionality required.


• MPEG Monitoring.
• HLS Monitoring
• TSoIP Monitoring
• Embedded web server for easy configuration and control
• E-mail notifications
• Alarms and log
• Monitors UDP/RTP(unicast/multicast) MPEG TS streams, in both SPTS and MPTS modes
• Monitors: Stream delay, RTP errors, CC errors and has Bitrate alarms
• Band scanning
• TR 101 290 Priority 1, 2, 3 alarms (optional)


• Easy to set up and configure. No software required. Just enter the website of the device.
• E-mail alarms for in time support
• Logging alarm messages with accurate time
• SNMP configuration and control for large CATV or DVB-T broadcast networks
• Future proof – firmware upgradeable
• Best price on the market
• Lightweight and compact



IPTV Delay, CC, Bitrate
Monitoring Logs, Alarms, E-mails, SNMP traps
Protocols UDP, RTP
Interfaces Web & SNMP
TR 101 290 Optional
EPG Decoding Available
Advanced MPEG Monitoring Available
Alarm profiles Available
Audio/Video Freeze Available