10 Watt Emergency Advisory Radio Station

The ISS RadioSTAT is a  complete fixed or portable FCC-licensed AM Travellers Information Station with 3-5 mile radius range.


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The ISS RadioSTAT is an FCC-Licensed Travelers’ Information Station / Highway Advisory Radio AEL/SEL Category 04AP-09-ALRT

Easy to deploy to incidents, this compact, transportable Information Radio Station can operate from a fixed location when not required in the field. Shareable with other communities. Electronics are housed in a lightweight, high-impact, weather-resistant case with carrying bags for portable antennas and accessories. Control via flash-drive or your network or wireless gateway.

During public health and safety emergencies, take a RadioSTAT Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station into critical areas and speak directly to citizens via standard radio receivers. RadioSTAT can be a lifesaver, allowing the broadcast of critical instructions and information regarding, for example…

  • Disasters/Evacuations.
  • Medical Emergencies (hospital surge, points of distribution field information, quarantine isolation, decontamination).
  • Terrorist/Shooter Incidents.
  • HAZMAT and Traffic Information.
  • Critical Public Safety Instructions.
  • Road Construction/Infrastructure Failures.
  • AMBER Alerts.

Built for speed and portability, RadioSTAT electronics are housed in high-impact, weather-resistant cases. The quick-erect antenna system folds up, allowing the entire station to be set up in 10 minutes by one person.

RadioSTAT is FCC-licensed. The signal is typically announced to the public by FASTrack (pictured right) or other portable signs, positioned at the periphery of the coverage area. Motorists receive broadcasts on standard vehicle radios, over 25-75 square miles.

The stations are priced affordably so multiple units can be deployed simultaneously at different locations during an emergency as required.

Portability becomes an instant asset during emergencies, allowing the re-establishment of the signal from a new location quickly.

Portability also makes RadioSTAT especially useful at large public gatherings for broadcasting key information, i.e., schedules, traffic, parking, safety and critical instructions for patrons approaching or exiting.

Programming may be controlled using flash drives through a USB port and may also be uploaded via Ethernet from a network or a laptop computer. If you operate RadioSTAT at a fixed location, when it is not required in the field, the network capability makes this asset all the more valuable.

During non-emergency times, officials often operate from a fixed location via the VP.9000 Vertical Profile Antenna (see Options). This helps familiarise citizens with the frequency. Regular FCC-allowed messages may be broadcast during those times.