Inovonics PS-00

Power Supply

The Inovonics PS-00 power supply for the INOmini line of products, 610 Internet Radio Monitor and the NOVIA line of products.

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SKU: 107628


The Inovonics PS-00 is a power supply unit with several notable features:

  1. Designed for INOmini Line: Specifically engineered to power the INOmini product line, providing a dependable power solution for various devices within this product range.
  2. Compatibility with 610 Internet Radio Monitor: The PS-00 is compatible with the 610 Internet Radio Monitor, ensuring seamless operation and power supply for your internet radio monitoring setup.
  3. Power Supply for NOVIA Line: Additionally, it functions as a power supply for the NOVIA line of products, expanding the versatility of your setup by providing power to a broader range of devices.
  4. Steady and Reliable Power Output: The PS-00 offers a consistent and reliable power output, which helps minimize disruptions and ensures smooth operations for your broadcasting or monitoring equipment.
  5. Essential Accessory for Broadcasting Professionals: Considered a must-have accessory for broadcasting professionals, the PS-00 enhances the reliability and efficiency of their setup by providing a stable power source for compatible equipment.

Overall, the Inovonics PS-00 is a versatile and essential component for powering various Inovonics products, ensuring reliable performance and seamless operation in broadcasting and monitoring applications.