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Inovonics AARON 640

FM Rebroadcast Receiver


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The Inovonics AARON 640 is a high-performance FM rebroadcast/translator receiver designed to excel in challenging reception scenarios. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and specifications:


  1. Premium Performance: Offers superior off-air performance compared to both professional and consumer receivers.
  2. Front End: Extremely sensitive and selective, digitally decodes the entire analog baseband.
  3. Output Options:
    • Low-latency MPX output.
    • Balanced analog and AES-digital signals for retransmission.
  4. Back Panel Connectivity: Includes a 50 Ohm (N) antenna connector, true composite outputs, balanced analog, AES-digital audio, and remote IP access.
  5. Alarms: Provides rear-panel and self-logging alarms for Audio Loss, RF Loss, and RDS Loss, with online notifications via email or text messages.
  6. Control Interface: Front panel features left and right audio metering, local LED alarms, and an LCD screen with jog wheel for advanced control and editing of tuning and monitoring parameters.
  7. Web Interface: Responsive web interface for complete setup, listening, logging, and control from PC, tablet, or smartphone. Includes Dynamic DNS utility for reliable 2-way connectivity.
  8. Off-air Metering Tools: Features FM BandScanner and FFT of the MPX region, with control over reception bandwidth, auto-blending, and other receiver parameters.

General Performance:

  • Tuning Range: 65.0MHz–108.0MHz (Extended FM band).
  • Sensitivity/Noise Performance: Offers high SNR for AES Digital and L/R Analog line outputs across various RF input levels.
  • Selectable IF Bandwidths: Wide range of selectable IF bandwidth options.
  • Frequency Response: Excellent frequency response for composite/MPX output and AES Digital & L/R Analog Line Outputs.
  • Stereo Separation: High stereo separation for composite/MPX output and AES Digital & L/R Analog Line Outputs.
  • Program Signal Latency: Low latency for both composite/MPX output and AES Digital & L/R Analog Line Outputs.

Rear-Panel Appointments:

  • Antenna Inputs: 50-ohm (N).
  • Digital Line Output: AES3 (XLR) stereo output with adjustable settings.
  • Analog Line Outputs: Active balanced (XLR) outputs with adjustable settings.
  • Composite/MPX Outputs: Unbalanced (BNC) output with adjustable settings.
  • Network Port: RJ45 jack for TCP/IP network connections.
  • Headphone Jack: Front panel quarter-inch (TRS) headphone jack for monitoring.

User Interface:

  • Front-Panel: Graphic display and jog wheel for in-situ setup and operation. LED meters display L/R program audio levels.
  • Software Control: IP network port enables complete remote setup and operation via desktop, tablet, or mobile browser.
  • SNMP: Supports SNMP remote monitoring.


  • Test Tone Generator: 20Hz – 20kHz; 60dB attenuator.
  • AC Mains Requirements: Wide voltage range compatibility.
  • Size: 1U rack-mountable design.
  • Weight: Lightweight for easy handling.
  • Environmental: Designed for continuous operation within specified temperature, humidity, and altitude ranges.

Overall, the Inovonics AARON 640 offers exceptional performance, flexibility, and ease of use for FM rebroadcasting and translation applications.