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Glensound GS-POT001

Headphone Pot Box

The Glensound GS-POT001  is a  useful and robust pot box that accepts an unbalanced audio input on a single XLR connection.

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Original price was: €165.Current price is: €155.

Original price was: €165.Current price is: €155.
Original price was: €165.Current price is: €155.


Introducing the Glensound GS-POT001, a highly practical and robust pot box crafted to accommodate unbalanced audio inputs through a single XLR connection. This innovative device facilitates remote level adjustment for a pair of headphones or an earpiece by operators, even when located away from the headphone amplifier. Additionally, a loop-through XLR ensures a continuous audio signal flow when needed.

Explore the two distinct versions:

GS-POT001: In this iteration, the POT serves as a balance control between both inputs. When panned fully left, the left input directs to both ears; when panned fully right, the right input channels to both ears. In intermediate positions, the control functions as a level mixer between the left and right inputs. This allows users to achieve a nuanced mix level between the left and right inputs in both ears.

GS-POT002: This version features the POT as a standard stereo attenuator, managing the incoming level and the headphone output level. This functionality aligns with the typical operation expected from a POT box.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 80mm
    • Width: 55mm
    • Height: 35mm (excluding belt clip), 45mm (including)
  • Adjustable level control for a headphone connection
  • Full-size volume/PAN control
  • 6.35mm jack socket for headphones and 3.5mm jack socket for an earpiece
  • Audio input via a female XLR socket
  • Loop output facilitated by a male XLR socket
  • Metal overhang on both front and back for connection protection
  • Mountable on or under a desk
  • Convenient belt clip included

This versatile and compact pot box ensures seamless audio control and connectivity, making it an ideal solution for various applications.