digigram iqoya xlink dual codec
Digigram IQOYA X/LINK-DUAL Original price was: €3,665.Current price is: €3,490.
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digigram iqoya x link mpx
Digigram IQOYA X/LINK-MPX Original price was: €2,730.Current price is: €2,600.


Stereo Audio IP Codec

The Digigram IQOYA X/LINK-LE 1U rack IP audio codec was designed for live remote broadcasting and program distribution applications.

Original price was: €1,985.Current price is: €1,890.

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Original price was: €1,985.Current price is: €1,890.
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The Digigram IQOYA X/LINK-LE is a versatile 1U rack IP audio codec specifically engineered for live remote broadcasting and program distribution applications. This lite edition codec seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure to deliver stereo or dual mono audio sources over IP networks for various purposes such as STL and SSL links, DVB audio, WEB radio, or full-duplex live remote broadcasts. It operates on Fluid IP, Digigram’s technology ensuring reliable and resilient audio transmission over all types of IP networks, including inexpensive unmanaged networks. Below are the key features and specifications:

Key Features:

  1. Analog, AES3, AES67/Ravenna Compatibility: Supports analog, AES3, and AES67/Ravenna audio inputs and outputs, providing flexibility for various audio setups.
  2. Total Separation of IP Traffics: Ensures efficient network traffic management by separating IP traffics.
  3. Redundant Internal Power Supply Units: Incorporates two redundant internal power supply units for enhanced reliability.
  4. Live Remote Broadcasting via SIP and Symmetric RT: Facilitates two channels of live remote broadcasting using SIP and symmetric RT protocols.
  5. Multiformat Encoding and Multiprotocol Streaming: Supports multiformat encoding and multiprotocol streaming for efficient audio program distribution.



  • Analog Line: 2 analog inputs and outputs, XLR connectors, with a maximum level of +24 dBu.
  • AES3 Audio: 1 AES3 input and output, XLR connectors.
  • AES67/Ravenna: Supports AES67/Ravenna protocol for audio networking.
  • Network Ports: Equipped with 3 Gbps and 1 x 100 Mbps RJ-45 network ports.
  • I/O Channels: Provides 2 I/O channels via one of the 4 network ports.
  • Auxiliary Data: Includes 1 RS232 port and 8 GPIOs for auxiliary data transmission.
  • Network Features: Supports QoS, VLANs, IGMPv3, FECs, dual streaming with time-diversity, real-time metrics on received IP streams, and adjustable jitter buffer.

Technical Specificities:

  • Fanless, Low Consumption Design: Operates without a fan, ensuring silent operation and low power consumption.
  • Front Panel VU-Meters: Features front panel VU-meters for easy audio level monitoring.
  • Front Panel Headphones and SDHC Card Reader: Includes a front panel headphone jack (6.35mm female jack) and an SDHC card reader for convenient access.
  • Switchable Hardware Bypass: Allows for the bypass of audio inputs to outputs in case of power failure, ensuring uninterrupted audio signal flow.

The Digigram IQOYA X/LINK-LE offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for continuous 24/7/365 operation in demanding broadcasting environments.