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DEVA Broadcast Model 128

LED Display

The DEVA Broadcast Model 128 is capable of displaying generic messages, The Dynamic LED Display can be used for advertising and notification purposes.

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DEVA Broadcast Model 128 LED Display: An Overview

The DEVA Broadcast Model 128 LED Display is a dynamic and versatile signage solution, offering a range of functionalities tailored for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible Control Interfaces: Equipped with RS232 and USB interfaces, offering ease of control and integration with diverse systems.
  2. Versatile Messaging Capabilities: Capable of displaying generic messages, this LED display is ideal for advertising and notifications.
  3. Connectivity to Measurement Equipment: Allows connection to RDS/RBDS decoders or other measurement equipment to showcase measurement results effectively.
  4. Optimal Visibility: The 1.5U rack mount design enhances visibility, making it an ideal addition to station studios, control rooms, or showrooms requiring high visibility.
  5. User-Controlled Display: Soft buttons on the rear facilitate manual control of adjustable multi-level brightness for enhanced user experience.
  6. Easy Programming and Control: Controlled via user-friendly software, enabling effortless programming, creation, editing, and revision of displayed texts. The software is provided free of charge.
  7. Real-time Updates: PC control allows users to make real-time data updates to displayed messages, ensuring dynamic content delivery.
  8. Multilingual Support and Graphic Display: Supports Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, basic symbols, and graphics, enhancing display flexibility.
  9. Customizable Message Management: Allows for up to 10 pre-defined messages and 4 logos/images creation, each with individually adjustable scroll speed, brightness, effect, and display time, based on user preferences.

Versatile Advertising and Notification Solution:

The DEVA Broadcast Model 128 LED Display stands as an optimal solution for advertising and notification needs, offering flexibility, visibility, and diverse message management capabilities for various applications.