Belar SCMA-1

Digital FM SCA Modulation Analyzer

The Belar SCMA-1 Digital FM SCA Mod Monitor  is a DSP based precision SCA monitor designed to operate in conjunction with the Belar FMMA-1 or FMM-2 Modulation Monitor.

SKU: 104370



The Belar SCMA-1 Digital FM SCA Modulation Monitor and Analyzer is a state-of-the-art device based on digital signal processing (DSP) technology, designed to work in conjunction with the Belar FMMA-1 or FMM-2 Modulation Monitor, or any other source of wideband composite signals. This precision SCA monitor brings several advantages over analog designs, ensuring stability, accuracy, and flexibility in subcarrier signal analysis.

Key Features:

  1. DSP-Based Design:
    • Utilizes digital signal processing techniques for subcarrier signal analysis.
    • Immune to variations due to temperature, component aging, or tolerances, resulting in a stable and precise circuit.
  2. No Adjustments Required:
    • The DSP-based design eliminates the need for adjustments.
    • Achieves extremely tight tolerances without manual tuning, contributing to ease of use.
  3. Variable Bandwidth Filters:
    • Incorporates FIR linear phase filters with variable bandwidth.
    • Allows users to optimize subcarrier Band-Pass Filter (BPF) and detector Low-Pass Filter (LPF) cutoff frequencies based on specific SCA modulation schemes.
  4. Common System Clock Synthesis:
    • Eliminates the need for separate crystal oscillators for each subcarrier frequency.
    • Synthesizes all available frequencies from a common system clock, streamlining the system design.
  5. DSP-Based Metering and Measurement Functions:
    • Implements all metering and measurement functions using DSP processing.
    • Calibration does not depend on adjustable circuit components or their tolerances, ensuring long-term stability.
  6. Remote Monitoring Capability:
    • Enables remote monitoring of all readings using an IBM-compatible personal computer.
    • Provides added convenience for users to access and analyze modulation peaks, injections, and dB readings.

The SCMA-1 stands out as a sophisticated SCA monitor, offering enhanced accuracy, stability, and flexibility in subcarrier signal analysis. Its DSP-based design and variable bandwidth filters contribute to precise measurement capabilities without the need for manual adjustments. With the ability to view readings remotely, it provides broadcasting professionals with a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing SCA modulation schemes.