AEA Technology 6021-5000

The AEA Technology 6021-50000 E20/20 TDR is “Step” Time domain reflectometer for measuring high bandwidth copper media.

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The AEA Technology 6021-5000

Time Domain Reflectometer

Customers were amazed by the clarity of the traces and features in the 20/20 Step TDR introduced in 2004. It outperformed even the Tektronix 1502C Step TDR, but users asked for even more. We took 8 years of customer input and combined it with18 months of engineering and testing to produce the E20/20 Step TDR. The result is a dramatically improved user interface, enhanced LCD, new easy to use keypad with function LEDs, USB PC interface, and more.

The new E20/20 TDR is now clearly the world’s most powerful and user-friendly hand-held step TDR. Combined with our new ETDR PC VisionTM Software for uploading and archiving traces, and creating and downloading cable lists to the E20/20 TDR, no other TDR on the market offers a comparable complete professional TDR package.

Accessories included with all models: Soft carrying case, belt case, AC and DC power adapters, 8AA NiMH cells (installed), USB Cable, Printed Basic Guide, Laminated Quick Start Guide, and CD with ETDR PC Vision software, Operator Manual, Training presentation, Application Notes, and more.

Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) with an “N” connector and User Cable List for the Communications Industry.

  • Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
  • Connector: N type
  • Cable List: Broadcast. N-to-BNC Adapter & BNC to Alligator clips test lead.
  • Ranges: from 0-10ft (0-2m) to 20,000 ft (5kM)
  • No dead zone on any range setting
  • Range Zoom on Cursor
  • Impedance zoom using Z Scale
  • Cursor reading to ± ½ inch (10 mm) using Zoom
  • Cable List with 64 cable types
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Cell phone style alphanumeric entry pad
  • Keypad LED indicators for active function
  • Setup Wizard – step by step start up
  • Cable toning – coax or twisted pair
  • Stores 32 traces with name, date & time